Make Poverty History Quotes

We can be the
generation to
Overcoming poverty
is not a gesture of
charity, it is an act of
Nelson Mandela
The fabric of the new
society will be made of
nothing more or less than
the threads woven in
today's interactions.
Pam McAllister
Reweaving the Web
It's not about
charity, it's about
Give me neither
poverty or riches.
Give me only as
much as I need.
Proverbs 30:8
Each time someone stands
up for an ideal, or acts to
improve the lot of others, or
strikes out against
injustice, he sends forth a
tiny ripple of hope.
Robert F. Kennedy
Our love is not to be
just words or mere
talk, but something
real and active.
1 John 3:18
The bread which you do not use is the
bread of the hungry; the garment
hanging in the wardrobe is the
garment of the one who is naked; the
shoes you do not wear are the shoes
of the one who is barefoot; the money
you keep locked away is the money of
the poor; the acts of charity you do
not perform are so many injustices
that you commit.
Basil the Great
The righteous give
and they do not
hold back.
Proverbs 21:26
Next in importance to
freedom and justice is
education, without which
neither freedom nor
justice can be
permanently maintained.
James A. Garfield
Let justice flow like a
stream and
righteousness flow like a
river that never goes
Amos 5:24
Be the change
you want to
see in the
God himself, looking on men as
formed in his own image, regards
them with such love and honor
that He himself feels wounded
and outraged in the presence of
those who are victims of human
cruelty and wickedness.
John Calvin
A global world is
essentially a world of
Pope John Paul II
Address to George W. Bush (2001)
Give generously to the
needy and do so without a
grudging heart, then the
Lord will bless you in all
your work and anything you
put your hand to.
Our lives begin to end
the day we become
silent about the things
that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr
The good we secure for
ourselves is precarious and
uncertain until it is secured
for all of us and incorporated
into our common life.
Jane Addams
We are working to
help people become
better people; then
this will become a
better world.
“We are working to help people become better people; then this will
become a better world”
Eva Burrows
Do we help the poor if
we do not ask why they
are poor?
Dom Helder Camara
History will be our
judge ….. but what
is written is up to
Do not look the other
way…the world
hungers for action not
Nelson Mandela
We live in a world where
virtually no problem can
be solved by individual
And yet…
In our world no
problem can be solved
unless individuals act.
The Challenge is
The Time is Now!!
Together we can
Together we can