world vision pp

World Vision India is a Christian
charitable organisation working
to create lasting change in the
lives of children, families and
communities living in poverty
and injustice.
In India World Vision's
work began in the year
1962 in a small way in
Calcutta. The founder
was Robert Pierce
Many Indian children suffer from poverty.
More than 50% of India's total population
lives below the poverty line, and more
than 40% of this population are children.
Traditional cultural values, discrimination
and the social cruelty of children's ability
to create change are the main reasons
why Indian children suffer from poverty
and end up with no water supply or
I have sponsored a child from India and
I’m going to see how she lives and help
out her community. Their belief is that the
best way to change the life of a needy
child is to change the world in which
he/she lives!
The social justice issue that has been raised is
Poverty is hunger.
Poverty is a lack of shelter
Poverty is not being able to read or go to school.
Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a
Poverty is not having money to pay rent.
You can apply for World Vision India by
visiting there website . There are the
options of emailing them on
[email protected] or calling them
on +91 44 24807070
This is my sponsor
child, she is 4 years
I will be staying for 1 month
, I am going to make sure
she has a better future and
education by sending
money every month to
India to support her, make
sure she receives enough
nutrition and fresh water in
her body to retain healthy
, shelter and live a better