Reality Mining

Reality Mining
Andy Chau
What is Reality Mining?
Application of data-mining algorithms to
human relationships
 Collects information about human
behavior to create social network maps
 A tool that can provide insight into the
dynamics of individual and group
How does it work?
Uses cell phone applications
to collect data on:
Users' location
Proximity to other users
Communication behavior
Device usage behavior
How does it work? (Continued)
The collected data is sent to the service
provider and translated into social
network maps
 The social network maps combine a cell
phone's call logs with information about
its proximity to other people's devices
 The information is then continuously
collected by Bluetooth sensors in the cell
Social Network Map
What are its applications?
Accurately project the spread of diseases
 Improve personal health care
 Improved understanding of workplace
 Help organizations build better
knowledge management systems
What are its limitations?
“Big-Brother Syndrome”
 Arbitrarily collects personal information
 Cell phones must be Bluetooth-enabled
Any questions?