Vision and Mission

HEMS Vision & Mission
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Our Operating Philosophy
Mission Integration
Safety Philosophy
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• Authenticity
Technology & Training
• People
Our Vision...
Our Program will be recognized by our patients,
employees, competitors, suppliers and industry
peers as the preeminent aeromedical services
company in the United States. Our benchmarks will
be innovation and safety.
Our Mission...
Our program provides leading aeromedical service to
all we serve through dedication to quality and safety,
while maintaining an attitude of human service
consistent with the core values of the our parent
Our Principles...
We honor God in all we do...
We advance & enhance the vision of our
parent organization...
We pursue & exemplify excellence...
We innovate in the interest of safety...
We assist in the support & encourage the
professional growth & development of our
We contribute in a positive manner to the
communities we serve...
Mission Integration
Mission Integration...
We act in a manner that provides meaningful
response to the human needs of our patients, our
coworkers and the communities we serve. We
integrate the core values of our organization with our
professional competencies and this is demonstrated
in our actions. We are perceived as a “family” and
recognize the importance of our own individual
Safety Philosophy
We strive to operate the safest HEMS
program in the industry...
We operate to “zero tolerance” aviation standards for
the safety of our patients and medical crews. Our
aircraft operate under Instrument Flight Rules, our
pilots are “Airline Transport” certified and train to FAA
Part 135 standards, our maintenance technicians are
FAA “Inspector Authorized,” and we operate under the
scrutiny of a full time Director of Safety & Compliance.
Our operational and safety standards exceed all FAA
and CAMTS requirements for helicopter emergency
medical service programs.
We measure our performance...
• We develop and utilize protocols that measure,
monitor, and compare our performance within our
program, our medical system, our region and our
industry. We establish and utilize various benchmarks
and metrics to assess progress toward our safety and
performance goals. We employ Management By
Objective, 6 Sigma, and Total Quality Management
operating standards to all aspects of our company
Technology & Training
We are committed to the practical
application of advanced technology...
Whenever practical, we employ advanced technology,
training and management systems to enhance the
safety of our patients and personnel, improve the
reliability of our aircraft, advance the quality of our
aircraft maintenance, and maximize the efficiency of
our flight operations.
Our People
We have exceptional and qualified
We respect them. We engage them in our mission.
We have confidence in their ability to make good
choices and we empower them to do so. We are
committed to their professional development and
success. We recognize them for their achievements
and contributions.
Our Management
Our managers are decision makers...
They have the authority and freedom to make
decisions and we live with those decisions. We
expect, encourage, preach and demand individual
initiative and ideas from our management. We work
everyday to merit our employee confidence, trust,
commitment, loyalty and respect.
We endeavor to positively impact our
We seek opportunities to collaborate with
professional organizations, institutions, and
governmental agencies working to improve the safety
of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
We are committed to our mission...
• Our management, staff, policies, procedures,
facilities, infrastructure, and actions speak always to
the authenticity of our vision.
Enjoy your visit with us... We’re glad to
have you here with us.
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