Certification Engineer

Title of position:
Reports to:
Position Description:
The certification engineer will perform technical and administrative engineering tasks to
secure and sustain FAA certifications in support of company objectives to provide
continued leadership in general aviation for aircraft & engine performance and reliability
Essential job duties: Expected of new-hire (required for maintaining satisfactory job performance).
- Prepare engineering drawings, reports, analyses, correspondence, and data to be
used for FAA certification of new and existing STC modifications and PMA parts.
- Coordinate FAA approvals of PMA, STC, major/minor design changes, and repairs
- Interface directly with the FAA in various areas such as aircraft certification, flight
standards, manufacturing inspection, and continued airworthiness.
- Direct meetings and technical presentations.
- Perform checking of drawing quality
- Oversee drawing release system and filing
- Maintain engineering files and company records
- Positive input toward company objectives
Non-essential job duties: Not expected of new-hire (progress in the following areas can be a
factor considered in determining wage increases and employee counseling).
- Interface with company technicians, and outside vendors/suppliers to develop
product design specifications and optimize production processes.
- Apply technical knowledge and/or programming skills in solving complex problems
using specialized analysis software and/or data acquisition equipment.
- Lead engineering R&D projects using appropriate test resources.
- Developed knowledge and expertise on RAM product line.
- Innovative input toward company objectives.
- Add education, certifications, and/or FAA designations.
- Improvement in desired qualifications.
Minimum Qualifications (knowledge, skills, education, and abilities):
- B.S. engineering degree
- Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and MS Publisher
- Proficient in CAD drafting (prefer SolidWorks/Cosmos)
- Experienced in FAA certification (aircraft)
- Knowledgeable in aerospace materials and hardware
Desired Qualifications:
- FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
- Experienced in DAS-STC certification
- Experienced in production liaison engineering (aerospace)
- Experienced in aircraft reciprocating engines
- Experienced in aircraft certification flight testing
- FAA – private pilot / A&P technician
- Experienced with instrumentation, Data Acquisition (Labview, National Instruments)
- Experienced with FEA analysis and/or CFD analysis
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July 31, 2006