Branding * Creating a strong brand to attract top talent

Branding – Creating a strong
brand to attract top talent
Creating Content | Building Community | Social Engagement Strategy
What is ‘Employer Brand’?
“The term ‘employer branding’ describes how an
organisation markets what it has to offer to
potential and existing employees. Marketers have
developed techniques to help attract customers,
communicate with them effectively and maintain
their loyalty to a consumer brand. Employer
branding involves applying a similar approach to
people management”
CIPD 2012
Branding is about Differentiation
“Branding is about differentiation but,
unfortunately, your new employer branding
strategy and that sexy new employee value
proposition you came up with (‘Empowering
Excellence with Integrity and Innovation’) is
exactly the same as everyone else’s”
Marketing Week July 2013
What Makes a Great Place to Work?
• A company they feel good about
• Interesting work to challenge and motivate
• Encouragement to get better, development
• Feeling of importance, self-esteem
• Compensation and reward, being valued
It’s about Culture, not Values
Whose values were these?
• Communication – We have an obligation to communicate.
• Respect – We treat others as we would like to be treated.
• Integrity – We work with customers and prospects openly,
honestly, and sincerely.
• Excellence– We are satisfied with nothing less than the very
best in everything we do
Values Don’t Always Reflect Behaviours
Understand Your Culture
What’s Most Important for
Workplace Happiness?
Top Five
Working with people I get on with
Feeling valued
Good money
Good hours, benefits and rewards (wellbeing)
Working for a boss I get on well with
(Source Jobsite survey 2011)
What Words Do We Use to Attract
Talent For Recruitment?
Money motivated
Thrive on competition and challenge
Target driven
‘Top talent does not “apply” to work FOR your
company; top talent “expresses interest” to
work WITH your company’
Smart Recruiters (USA) 2013 - @SmartRecruiters
How Can You Tell Top Talent About
Your Employee Experience?
Satisfied and engaged employees
are your greatest brand advocates,
and their referrals should be your
most successful source of hire.
Let them share their stories of what
it’s like to work with you.
Who Do We Trust the Most?
Employees are Talking About You
How to Participate?
Tell a Story
Share to
For Employees, it’s All About the
Social Conversation
• Encourage
• Enable
• Empower
• Facilitate
• Share
• If you make someone use social networking
channels they’ll do it badly
What Does Your Hiring Process Say
About The Employee Experience?
Will it Match Expectations?
Your Content Should be Unique and
Authentic. Don’t Chase Easy Likes and
Shares – They Won’t Impress Top
Finally, Does Your Website Impress...
...What Does it Say About Your
Any Questions?
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