Employer Branding

Employer Branding
ACI World HR Forum
Calgary Canada
9 Sept 2012
Director, This Is...
Why would anyone
want to be employed
by you?
Employer Branding ...
involves actively selling the experience of working for an organisation by
focusing on what makes the experience both positive and distinctive
Employer of choice
 Business drivers
 What kind of people are you looking for?
 War for talent (supply and demand)
What differentiates you?
 Positive brand image is critical
 Then develop USP
 Pay, conditions, flexible working, careers,
status, location, prospects???
 Ask employees/survey
This forms the basis of the psychological contract
Psychological Contract
Defines the mutual expectations between employee & employer
 Generally implicit rather than explicit
 How are employers dealing with employee
aspirations for pay, conditions, working time, job
security, career prospects
 How are employees responding to employer
requirements for delivery, commitment, loyalty,
high performance
 How this is changing in the current world?
Needs constant renegotiation
Culture and leadership make a huge difference ...
Things that can have an impact
Clear strategic direction
Selection of top management
Leadership competences
Management structure clarity
Salary structure
Career development paths
Training and education
Motivation and engagement
Recognition and advancement
Political interference
And above all, talented people want the opportunity to make a difference
To do a job which is meaningful, challenging, worthwhile
To have a degree of autonomy
To have trust in and respect for their leaders and their organisation
The 1990s saw great interest in something called the
‘psychological contract’ – then that idea seemed to crash
and burn. Maybe it didn’t; maybe the phoenix from the ashes
was employer branding
Helen Rosethorn, CEO Bernard Hodes Group