Leadership Style - Ohio University College of Business

Mission Statement:
“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave
enough to try.”
Leadership Style:
My Leadership Style is a cross between a charismatic leader and a democratic leader. I believe that in
order to achieve the tasks at hand, one must inspire his or her teammates by bringing a sense of
energy, creativity, eagerness, and a passion for the process and end result. I also identify with the
democratic leader because I always look towards others’ ideas and opinions in order to make final
decisions. Along with charismatic and democratic leadership, I incorporate other traits to create my
personal leadership style:
• respecting oneself and having a strong moral code allowing one to know right from
• accepting what cannot be changed
• pushing forward when faced with adversity
Delivering Results
• sacrificing for the end result
• always knowing that one will make mistakes and accomplishing goals is never a oneperson ordeal
Continuous Learning
• who you are today will not be who you are tomorrow
“Don’t you see the starlight, don’t you dream impossible dreams”
Five Leaders:
Dolly Parton: Integrity
As a country music legend, she is not the typical “leader”; however, her
strong sense of sticking to her roots and never compromising who she is, as
well as never stepping on people—just over or around them—to get ahead is
something to be admired in any leader.
Coco Chanel: Determination
As one of the first female entrepreneurs, she not only faced difficulties when
opening The House of Chanel in World War One Era France, but she also
fought to redesign fashion from the feathers and corsets of the time to little
black dresses and menswear inspired coats and skirts thus breaking all
fashion and entrepreneur stereotypes of the time.
Melissa Mayer: Delivering Results
While she has been known to be a controversial leader, the former VP of
Google and new CEO of Yahoo! has been known to deliver results. It is true
that there are flaws with her leadership style, but if there is one lesson to
take away from her, it is that delivering results never goes unnoticed or
Tim Cook: Humility
As the new CEO of Apple, it is expected that he must follow in the foot steps
of Steve Jobs in order to see the company continue to succeed. However,
unlike Jobs, Cook has been known to own up to his mistakes, admit when he
is wrong, and use the experience to learn from and improve upon.
Ginni Rometty: Continuous Learning
With a tech savvy mind and a passion for learning and evolving, the Most
Powerful Woman in Business and the CEO of IBM can attribute much of her
success to being prepared and one step ahead of the game, remembering to
remain personable with her employees and clients, and always wanting to
not only know an answer but also understand the process of finding it.
“I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive; I came to win, to
survive, to prosper, to rise…”
Differential Advantages:
What makes me unique? One word: Passion. I do not see things based solely on facts and figures, but
rather emotions. I tend to be more in tune with feelings than calculations, and I use this to my
advantage. In order to fully understand a situation, whether in leadership or general business, one
must be able to look at all aspects of a task, goal, or issue and have a passion for achieving the end
result. It is my passion for achieving a goal that makes me stand out. It is my excitement to dive in and
take strategic risks while motivating others to do the same. It is the rush I get when I learn something
new and can apply it to the task at hand. It is passion that allows me to succeed.
Leadership Experience:
Over the past three years at Ohio University, I have held the following leadership positions:
Team lead for the Quarterly Select Newsletter
Team lead for the CONNECT Quarterly Newsletter
Project lead for several course projects, including Business
CONNECT CSO Representative
Coordinator of Fall 2010 Networking 101
These roles have taught me that in order to achieve goals, communication is key. As a CSO
Representative, I am responsible for the communication between Connect and other College of
Business Organizations. As a project lead in cluster, I have learned that is important to always facilitate
communication when doing research and discussing strategy. Lastly, being a Coordinator of
Networking 101 has taught me that organization and planning cannot happen unless every team
member clearly understands every detail and knows what is going on at all times.
“I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean your alive”
5-Year Plan:
Year 1— Over the next year, I want to make a direct impact in the lives of those I am close to. I plan to
commit fully to my leadership positions in Select Leaders and CONNECT, as well as continuing to be a
positive mentor and role model for Leah and Maddie. I plan on thriving in my first year at E&Y and
hope to positively impact the lives of my fellow colleagues as we all strive to do great things in the
Year 2—In year two, I hope to have made a well-adjusted transition from college to Corporate America
and have been able to fully immerse myself in my career and my relationships. I hope to have fullyadjusted to living in Cleveland, have made new friends, and becoming a more independent person.
Year 3—In my third year, I hope to enjoy my career and feel that I am doing meaningful work. I want
to learn everything I can, even in the lower levels of my career, so I can one day apply those lessons to
issues that may arise in higher management.
Year 4—In year four, I hope to see success in my career and my relationships. I hope to move up in the
company and see results from my leadership style. I hope to grow as a leader, gain experience through
success and failure, and develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
Year 5—After four years of working, I hope to be happy with my life, my career, my friends, and my
Mentoring and Coaching Process:
The coaching process has been very beneficial in developing myself as a leader as well as making
advancements in internship opportunities. Hala has pushed me continuously, even when I could not
emotionally (or physically) handle much more. Through these coaching sessions, I have learned what
it means to always strive to go the extra distance, as well as developed a strong connection to a
limitless network of IT professionals.
This year, I hope the mentoring process for me and Leah will be beneficial. As she is caught in the
cross-roads of becoming an upperclassman and choosing a career path between Marketing and MIS, I
hope that I will be able to provide her with honest guidance and advice as she makes her decisions. I
hope to be a strong role model for her, both professional and social, and I hope that we will both learn
valuable lessons from each other as we celebrate successes and overcome failures.
“Long live the walls we crashed through, I had the time of my
life fighting dragons with you”