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June 2014
Marketing Department
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Weight control and traceability: new benchmarks
At Interpack, MG2 presented a series of new machines for the pharmaceutical sector that set new precision and
quality standards in the production of oral solids and in packaging.
Buyers looking for specific solutions, but also operators “just browsing” for new technologies and solutions: with
this audience Interpack once again proved to be the perfect showcase for technological advancements and the
most innovative proposals, and MG2 didn’t squander this opportunity.
As much was reported by Manuela Gamberini, marketing manager for the renowned builder of processing and
packaging machinery, which has managed to bring to completion, in time to show them at the fair, even its latest
and most challenging developments.
The concern, which hails from the Emilia region, has invested in two fields in particular during the last year.
Gamberini points out that this has been a year of numerous initiatives, both in terms of technology and of
communication, first and foremost in the realm of processes, where, with the new MultiNETT weight control
system, the concern has taken a leap forward in terms of dosage precision, even just a few milligrams, the most
difficult to check or control. but also in packaging, where the efforts of MG2’s designers have focused primarily
on in line track & trace, tailored for specific systems for flacons and boxes, and currently in a phase of further
development for other applications.
June 2014
Marketing Department
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The hi-tech capsuling machine
Tekna is the name of the capsuling machine presented at Interpack as the crowning achievement of MG2
technology, for manufacturing hard capsules containing powders even in low doses and without pressing.
«We focused on building a state-of-the-art machine - Emanuela Gamberini explains - as far as capsule processing
and product metering is concerned.
«We have managed to contain the size, despite the medium-high production speed, and reached high levels of
ergonomy user-friendliness, maintenance and cleanliness. Designed specifically for containment applications,
Tekna is at any rate also available in the basic version without insulator and WiP / CiP but as ever equipped with
all our high performance devices, starting from the most recent and innovatory among the 100% of net weight
control systems embedded in the machine, field which MG2 has pioneered and for which it still holds the
technical record.
Called MultiNETT, this system has been developed from NETT, which was developed in order to guarantee
accurate checks even for low doses, from 40 mg up to the 5 mg or less typical of inhalants, active ingredients with
no excipient, etc. Among the many strongpoints of the system, as well as the fact of using a much more sensitive
and accurate measurement sensor than the NETT system, one also has the reduction of the weight variability rate
of the empty capsule out of the net weight, typical of systems based on the difference between gross weight and
June 2014
Marketing Department
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MultiNETT, in fact, univocally assigns a capacitative sensor to each capsule for the entire length of the process
and, in the moment of measuring the dose, the capsule is open, hence the tare is merely reduced to the base,
without any further disturbance to the weight of the cover».
Tekna is capable of producing 70 thousand or 140 thousand capsules/h, depending on the version, but MultiNETT
has practically no limit to the speed of control, to the point where its baptism on the market was on board the
MG2 range of capsule filling machines, the MultiFLEXA model, with an output of 250 thousand capsules/h.
«MultiNETT is the very system that the pharmaceutical companies with low dosage applications were waiting for,
and numerous customers have expressed their appreciation. We have also sold it on our laboratory and pharmacy
models - Gamberini goes on to say - of which we have on show here at Interpack an example with OEBL 5 class
insulator and WET in Place system; and obviously it was requested on our best-sellling capsule filling machine,
the Planet model».
The fastest checkweighter
MultiNETT’s productivity is further enhanced, and greatly so, when the system is installed on a checkweighter for
compresses. At the fair, MG2 presented in world preview the new Selekta: a machine that checks weighs and
selects (i.e. accepts or rejects) up to 500 thousand compresses/h, depending on the size, shape and coating of the
«Selekta is equipped with 36 MultiNETT sensors. No such system on the market is this fast», declares Gamberini.
«We have received a lot of positive feedback from visitors. The machine features both the control downstream of
the compressing machine, as well as the control of the blister packing upstream. This first version will then be
followed by a Selekta counting machine, for packaging capsules and tablets in flacons, very popular aboveall for
supplements and vitamins in particular on the US market, where MG2 has a sizeable market share thanks to the
presence of the MG America sales and assistance branch for as many as 26 years.
June 2014
Marketing Department
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Compact traceability
In the specific field of packaging, the latest MG2
advancements concern serialization and traceability.
Required by law in a growing number of countries
and adopted for economy (preventing returns and
recalls costs much less than upgrading after problems
arise), traceability is all the more important when the
products whose safety needs to be guaranteed are
“sensitive” ones such as pharmaceuticals, food,
cosmetics, etc. «At Interpack we presented our ACE
brand track & trace systems, the BT/300 fitted for for
flacons, and the CT/400 for cartons,, on show at the
stand, or the BN/30 for bundled products.
The system prints a univocal 2D Data Matrix ID code on each unit and simultaneously constantly scans, checks
and monitors the quality of the print coding. After the print checking operation, in the event of flaws, the unit is
rejected from the packaging line. Their distinguishing feature and reason why they are appreciated are their
exceptional compactness, which enables them to be integrated with existing lines, resolving key issues of space
and layout within the facility.
The other successful characteristic of these machines is their modularity and flexibility, that enables us to use the
customer’s preferred vision system and configure it to their various marking and checking needs. A truly broad
range of formats and sizes can be handled, with easy setting and minimum adaptation».