Technology Roadmap

Fusion Industry Innovation Forum (FIIF)
Technology Road Map
 The next generation tokamak after ITER (= DEMO) shall demonstrate the generation
of a significant (several hundred mega watts) amount of electricity to the grid as well
as the autonomous operation of the closed fuel cycle.
 Two options shall be investigated
DEMO 1 (construction start 2030, Pulsed operation)
DEMO 2 (construction start > 2040, steady state operation)
 Development and integration of remote maintenance concepts as a leading
requirement of the design
 Regulators and utilities should be integrated into the conceptual design process.
 Preparation of industry to be involved in the design and systems studies at the start
of the design process.
 Identify the cost effective technologies that lead to a sustainable design of DEMO on
the basis of ITER design and operating experience
 To be proposed by a dedicated team of the FIIF under the supervision of the chairman
 Close collaboration and tuning with the road map to be developed by the Power Plant
Physics and Technology (PPPT) team of EFDA