Logging into Blackboard as a Demo Student:

Logging into Blackboard as a Demo Student:
Every instructor has a demo student that can be enrolled in a course, just like a regular student. Sometimes it
is essential to view your course from a student’s perspective and enrolling a demo student allows that to
happen. One handy feature a demo student can help with is allowing instructors to view is the Grade Center
from a student’s point of view.
1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Go to Blackboard (learn.uncw.edu)
3. Type is ds_ and your email username, for example
ds_rabidouxs. Type in your password, which is your
850 number and then click Login.
4. The courses that your demo student is enrolled in
will appear in the Course List.
 Click on a course will be similar to a student
clicking the course. You will be able to submit
assignments, take tests, check your grades,
and have all the same functions as any other
student enrolled in the course.
WCE: Educational Technology Unit