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WorldSkills London 2011
WorldSkills London 2011 and how
to get involved over the next 12
For internal and external use by partners,
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Issue 1 – October 2010
Updated 27 September 2010
The purpose of this presentation
We would like to thank you for your interest and support for WorldSkills London 2011.
As a key partner, we are keen to make sure you are equipped to tell your staff, suppliers, colleagues and
networks about your involvement in this important event.
This presentation has been designed for you to do just that. Please feel free to use the slides, content
and information within your own presentations and updates to help us to spread the word about the
world’s greatest skills showcase and competition.
We’ve designed the presentation so it can be tailored for all your internal and external communications –
we’d particularly encourage you to tailor the presentation to explain your own involvement in WorldSkills
London 2011. Slides indicate where this might work well.
If you need additional information, or if the information is going to be used for the media or in broadcast,
please contact us at WorldSkills or telephone (0)20 7429 2800
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WorldSkills London 2011 ambition:
WorldSkills London 2011 will
inspire more young people to
be enterprising in their
careers, achieving a step
change in how people view
their future options by
showcasing vocational
qualifications as a positive
and valued choice at all levels
– and the skills that the
country needs.
Fast facts
Facts about WorldSkills London 2011
WorldSkills London 2011 – at a glance
What is WorldSkills London 2011?
WorldSkills London 2011 is the world’s greatest skills showcase and competition. Young people from across the
globe compete to become the best of the best in their chosen skill. The competition takes places every two
years; this is the first time for two decades years that it has been hosted in the UK.
When does it take place?
WorldSkills London 2011 will take place from 5-8 October 2011 at ExCeL London, with opening and closing
ceremonies at the O2. In the run-up, a year-long celebration of skills will take place across the UK to ensure
everyone can show how skills shape their world.
What’s it all about?
At stake is the honour of the competing country being the greatest in the world at their chosen skill. For visitors,
the event will be an inspirational showcase of vocational skills, give an opportunity to Have a Go at a range of
skills themselves, and benefit from expert advice on how to plan their future careers.
What is it trying to achieve?
WorldSkills London 2011 will amaze people by showing them the endless possibilities their futures could hold
and inspire them to gain expertise at the highest level and the skills which the UK needs.
Why is WorldSkills London 2011 important?
Every community and business in the UK thrives on skills, enterprise and inspiration. We want WorldSkills
London 2011 to be the catalyst for the ambitions not just of competitors but of people across the UK – opening
their minds to the possibilities their futures may hold and creating a lasting, positive legacy.
WorldSkills London 2011 – in numbers
•150,000 people attending
•2,500 volunteers
•1,000 competitors
•50 nations
•45 skills
•6 sectors, from creative arts and fashion
to transportation and logistics
•4 days of competition
WorldSkills London 2011 – the
 Competitors vie for the chance to win gold, silver or bronze medals.
 Medallions for excellence are also awarded to competitors who achieve
the international standard.
 Six sectors are represented:
• Creative arts and fashion
• Construction and building technology
• Information and Communications technology
• Manufacturing (and engineering) technology
• Social and personal services
• Transportation and logistics
Feel free to
tailor this slide
to reflect your
The competition covers a wide range of
Creative arts and fashion Fashion technology Floristry Graphic design technology
Jewellery Construction and building technology Bricklaying Cabinetmaking
Carpentry Electrical installations Industrial control Joinery Landscape gardening
Metal roofing Painting and decorating Plastering and drywall systems Plumbing and
heating Refrigeration Stonemasonry Wall and floor tiling Information and
Communications technology Information network cabling IT PC/Network support
IT/Software applications Offset printing Web design Manufacturing (and
engineering) technology CNC milling CNC turning Construction metal works
Electronics Manufacturing team challenge Mechanical engineering design – CAD
Mechatronics Mobile robotics Mould making Polymechanics / Automation Sheet
metal technology Welding Social and personal services Beauty therapy Caring
Confectioner / Pastry cook Cooking Ladies / Mens hairdressing Restaurant service
Transportation and logistics Aircraft maintenance Autobody repair Automobile
technology Car painting
The prize: the benefits of hosting
WorldSkills London 2011
The prize will be:
Growth in the enterprise culture and a boost
to the economy − by inspiring more people to
Greater collaboration between organisations,
to improve standards and encourage excellence
through vocational skills.
A step change in behaviours − among young
people, and their advisers and influencers −
when considering career and training choices.
Real recognition that skills competitions are a
mainstream activity in driving up standards –
with a strong sense of ownership from business
and partners alike.
The creation of a lasting skills legacy.
Team UK at WorldSkills London 2011
Team UK:
Team UK at WorldSkills London will be our
biggest team yet with around 40 competitors
taking part in 35 skills.
By the opening ceremony of WorldSkills London
2011, each member of Team UK will have
completed, on average, 100 days of training and
assessment in preparation for the Competition.
Team UK is currently ranked 7th in the World
after securing six Bronze and three Gold at
WorldSkills Calgary 2009.
Going for Gold ......Team UK has been tasked
with securing more medals at WorldSkills
London 2011 than was achieved at WorldSkills
Calgary 2009.
Achieving a legacy
Delivering a world class event is paramount, but we are also
focused on creating and leaving a lasting legacy.
Why does a legacy matter?
Our aim is for WorldSkills London 2011 to
demonstrate how we have a highly skilled nation with
a talented and well trained workforce – and to inspire
others to follow in its footsteps.
Skills competitions drive up standards.
They encourage motivation, loyalty and performance
among teams and business, helping companies grow.
They inspire more people to learn a skill and consider
a future career in that area.
WorldSkills London 2011 provides the UK with a
unique opportunity to show its expertise to a national
and international audience.
Why this is important to us
We are supporting WorldSkills London 2011 by:
Please feel free to tailor
this section according to
what your organisation is
doing in support of
WorldSkills London 2011
Events calendar
Important dates to support in the build up to WorldSkills London 2011
Starting from Skills London 2010
Four phases of communication over 12 months
Showcasing skills that shape our world
Oct 2010
Nov ‘10 to Sept ‘11
From 19 Sept 2011
To 9 Oct 2011
Visitor &
The main
Partnership and sponsor activity
year to
• Skills debate
–on how skills
shape our
• Taster
• Call for
• Education
• College &
• Events
• Media
Have a go
3 weeks of
London 2011
- have a go
at skills that
shape your
See the
Skills that
shape our
Call to action: have a go at skills that shape your world
All elements are designed to leave a lasting legacy for skills and competitions.
•Week 1
Skills are the
•Week 2
Skills mean
•Week 3
Major dates in the build up to WorldSkills London 2011 (5-8 October 2011)
NB. Blue rows indicate WorldSkills London 2011 Core Events
Calendar highlights
7- 9 October 2010
16-18 November
9-11 December
2010 – Lisbon,
June 2011 (date
tbc) UK
Skills London, ExCel
Association of
Colleges Annual
EuroSkills, Lisbon
50,000 young people, parents,
advisers, sponsors, business, media
1,200 visiting delegates from Further
Education colleges in the UK
To highlight one year to go messages, launch volunteer programme, test
education experience and launch exhibition sales.
To highlight one year to go messages, launch college showcase and
education experience and sign up colleges to ‘have a go’ over the 3week event period.
Partners, stakeholders, leaders and
policy makers, experts, trainers and
teachers, schools and enterprises.
Euroskills is an opportunity to raise the image, quality and attractiveness
of Vocational Education Training (VET) systems in Europe and to bring
together different stakeholders in the VET field:
Team UK
Key stakeholders and sponsors,
members of Team UK, their guests,
employers, colleges, Training
Managers and journalists
All UK colleges, training providers,
schools, partners, sponsors,
employers and associated networks
All UK colleges, training providers,
schools, partners, sponsors,
employers and associated networks
All UK colleges, training providers,
schools, partners, sponsors,
employers and associated networks
7,500 – WorldSkills London 2011
delegates, sponsors, partners and
media from across the world
To announce the successful competitors who have secured a place on
Team UK for WorldSkills London 2011
19-25 September.
UK and
26 September to 2
October. UK and
3 – 9 October
2011 - UK and
4 October 2011 UK and
Have a go (week 1) –
theme: skills are the
Have a go (week 2) –
theme: skills mean
Have a go (week 3) –
theme: skills
Opening Ceremony
at The O2
5-8 October 2011
UK and
London 2011
Schools, colleges, general public
(parents, influencers), business,
education, sponsors, media,
Government (international/UK).
The official event. 150,000 visitors to see the world’s largest skills
competition showcasing how skills shape our world.
5 October 2011 UK and
International Leader’s
Forum, ExCeL
To debate and discuss the latest in skills policies at this one day
business conference on education, skills and Apprenticeships.
9 October 2011
(Sunday). UK and
Closing Ceremony
At The O2
650 – delegates gather on the first day
of competition from across the world of
business, education, media and
7,500 – WorldSkills London 2011
delegates, sponsors, partners and
media from across the world.
The chance for up to 1 million people to have a go and try a new skill
that shapes our world.
The chance for up to 1 million people to have a go and try a new skill
that shapes our world.
The chance for up to 1 million people to have a go and try a new skill
that shapes our world.
Officially open WorldSkills London 2011 and showcase Skills and youth
talent .
Announce the winners of WorldSkills London 2011 and present the
medals. Officially end the competition and hand over to Leipzig 2013.
Our activities in support
The dates that are important to us are:
This section can be tailored according to what you
are doing in support of WorldSkills London 2011
within your own company and organisation.
To tailor