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Contract Labor
Management System
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What is Contract Labor Management Software ?
How does it function?
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* Contract labor management system (CLMS) that has a proven track record for reducing labor costs
by objectively measuring employee performance against pre-defined standards.
* Contract Labour will be marked IN either by Thumb/RFID or through Barcode according to his
shift. Also he may swipe more than once but first swipe will be collected as IN Swipe and Last
swipe will be taken as OUT. According to IN and OUT swipes actual working hours will be
calculated. This system will calculate Present/absent days as well as Extra Hours based on IN and
OUT swipes. This will be the input to execute wages for the labors, which can be executed weekly/
Bi-weekly or Monthly. Rate for the labour according to the contractor will be fixed in advance.
Thus, the payment according to Contractor's Labour can be calculated and disbursed accurately
* As such when it comes to view the past details/visits it turns to be time consuming, unreliable and
manual dependent operation. From the security and usage standpoint, maintain a book or register
system has many negative points.
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SmartSuite CLMS Software Features
Labor management software is developed by combining comprehensive study,
views from the experts of labor consultant fields and feed back of labour
consultancies. It will manage your Organization more efficiently. All kinds of
problems related to Labor and Contractor Management with their Attendance
issue is solved excellently by the software.
*Projections of labour requirements from Shop floor and sanctions at Admin level.
*Registration of the labour, Contractor.
*Projections of labors requirement to the various contractors.
Standard Reports for labour and contractor activities.
*Information of Contractor & his company.
*Labour Profession – Soft Skilled & Hard Skilled, technical, Non-Technical etc.
*In and out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode and RFID, and storage
of Photo, as applicable.
*Requisition of labour and wage calculations on Daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis
Contractors Payments records and settlements.
SmartSuite CLMS Software Features
* Simple card/fingerprint generation system
* Details like site, blood group, photographs can be incorporated on the card
* Color bands for type of labors
* Rights allocations/Login Managements
* Valid up-to date is prominently displayed on the badge
* Attendance using fingerprint scanning
* Shift logic
* Over time, double shift logics
* Time sheet generation
* Labor/Contractor Restriction
* Automatic Approval Process
* Mail Alerts
* Menu Management.
Available Modules in CLMS Software
*Plant (company) wise restriction for labors/contractor.
*Attendance approval process for labors on daily basis by authorized person
inside the plant.
*Quota approval process by authorized person every time when added.
*Contractor/Contract approval process by authorized person.
*Mail alert for each approval process to the authorized person
*Labors restriction in case if quota full for particular day.
*Labors/contractor restriction in case they are blacklisted/terminated by
higher authority.
*According to IN, OUT Punches Working Hours will be calculated.
*Skillet wise wages report for labors/contractor.
*Detail reports of all regarding labors/contractors related activities.
Benefits of CLMS Software
*In case of accident / threat, man count & individual details can be traced.
*For labour projections requirements, labour attendance and wage
*Reduces manpower at the Gate.
*Focused activity by the Manpower at the gate.
*Eliminates the Manual errors
*User friendly.
*Productivity improvements
*Utilization improvements
*Improve customer Service Levels
*Compliance and tracking of Working Time Directive
*Accurate and fair payment of employees
*Automatic and accurate assignation of costs to projects
Software Support for Biometric Devices
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