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How will the Vita CR help my Facility?
Changing demands call for a flexible and versatile CR solution. The costeffective Vita CR delivers consistent, high quality, diagnostic images
from a wide range of clinical applications.
The Vita CR solution can:
• Improve productivity with a quick time to first image (50
sec.) and fast processing times (25, 45 and 65+pph).
• Process low exposure exams even faster with the
Smart Erase functionality.
• Increase patient throughput with a streamlined workflow
that is as easy three simple steps!
• Ensure reliability with durable and limited moving parts.
• Manage imaging costs with a low cost of ownership
including an average of 2 years of service per phosphor
screen with typical use.
• Allows you to think beyond the exam room! This
lightweight CR system’s small footprint makes it very
mobile. And because it meets strict military standards for
operating temperature and humidity, the Vita CR goes
beyond traditional clinical settings.
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Key Components
What do you need to operate the system?
• PC, Monitor, Keyboard and mouse
• CARESTREAM CR System Software / V3.2 (Lite Version)
• CARESTREAM Image Processing Software (CIP)
• GENESIS OmniVue Acquire Software
• CARESTREAM GP-2 Flexible Phosphor Screens
This easy to use, compact system makes Vita the CR system of choice!
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Cassettes and Flexible Phosphor Screens
Specially designed CR cassettes incorporate flexible
phosphor screens that ensure high-quality images
even after extended use.
Available cassettes include standard industry sizes
and optional sizes for Long Length Imaging (LLI) and
Dental Panoramic Imaging applications.
• 8" x 10”
• 11" x 14”
• 10" x 12”
• 14" x 33" (LLI)
• 14" x 14"
• 14" x 17”
• 24 cm x 30 cm
• 15 cm x 30 cm
(dental panoramic)
To maximize the life of the phosphor screen, Kodak
screen cleaner is recommended for maintenance
and care of your CR screens.
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Top reasons to Buy a Vita CR
Easy To Install
Easy to Use
Smaller and Lighter by 30% or
more compared to other CR
• Highly Reliable
• Quality Digital Imaging
• Easy to Service/Maintain
Combined with optional software and accessories that extend its uses, the
Vita CR is the best and most complete CR solution!
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Affordable!
• Competitively priced to meet the diagnostic imaging needs for a wide
range of clinical applications, Vita CR’s price typically includes a one-year
service and parts agreement as well as user training. (Pricing bundles vary
by region.)
• This scalable system seamlessly integrates with a broad variety of
printers, RIS and PACS systems.
High performance at the Right price!
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Easy to Install!
• With no special facility requirements, the Vita CR installs easily.
• The Vita CR has a single power cord and USB cable. Default user
accounts and body part and projections make it easy to get started.
• Customization is simple and intuitive.
• Most organizations are up and running within one hour!
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Easy to Use!
The Vita CR is easy to learn and easy to use!
• Easy to use and customize, the intuitive touchscreen capable Graphical User Interface (GUI)
streamlines your workflow.
• Reusable CR cassettes with phosphor screens
means no chemical storage, mixing or plumbing
and eliminates film purchase and storage
• Easy-to-see operating indicator light shows
the system is working.
• Digital image technology enables fast, easily
and transportable images.
In busy settings, productivity and efficiency are important.
Vita CR meets the challenge!
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Easy to Move!
Carestream Vita
8,578 in3
11,904 in3
11,040 in3
Agfa 30-X
13,608 in3
Nano/Reglus 110
11,774 in3
• Weighing in at 79 lbs (36kg) this lightweight, tabletop design beats the
• Dimensions of approximately 13.4" x 29.5" x 21.7“ (34 x 75 x 55cm)
make Vita CR easy to move!
• The optional Cart allows the station to roll and makes in-room CR
• The Vita CR is great for highly mobile or military settings.
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Great Reliability!
You need a solution that works! The Vita CR System is
designed to be durable and reliable.
A sealed design protects the unit from
damage in harsh environments and
reduces dust and other artifacts from
entering the scanner. The materials used
are rugged and durable, and meets strict
military standards for operation, storage
and transportation.
One main controller board makes
troubleshooting a snap.
Gentle screen handling minimizes wear
and LED-based erase is highly efficient
with exceptionally long life.
Limited moving parts reduce the
chance for something to break. This
means your system has minimal
downtime resulting in reliability you can
count on.
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – New & Improved!
Better than ever, the Vita CR replaces the PoC CR 140.
The Vita CR has:
• Improved Image Quality
• Improved Reliability
• Enhanced Functionality
• Simplified Installation and Setup
• Improved Serviceability
• Smart Erase
• Easier to license software
• Optional Total Quality Tool
• Optional Long-length Imaging
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Improved Design!
Low Mass Head reduces vibrations
during scanning for improved image
Temperature Detection prevents unit
from malfunctioning due to overheating.
One Main Controller Board
consolidates a few boards into one,
reducing signal noise and complexity.
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Quality Images!
Images are processed using Image Processing EVP Plus Algorithms -the same
technology used across all Carestream CR and DR systems! Optimized into six preconfigured positions - you to get the desired image look with minimal effort.
This system default provides a low noise, smooth image
and is suitable for all body parts.
High Contrast
This highest contrast look is appropriate for all body
Medium Contrast
Has higher contrast than a standard look but is still suitable
for all body parts.
Wide Latitude
This look is suitable for images needing wider latitude
such as abdomen, spine and chest.
The image contrast, latitude and sharpness remain fixed
(like film), but brightness is adjusted to correct for under
and over exposed images.
This high contrast look provides narrow latitude for
extremity imaging.
Consistent results = Fewer retakes = Greater efficiency
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Quality Images!
Powerful technology drives quality images. Here are some of
the advanced features of the Vita CR that will help your facility
generate outstanding digital images
• 16 bit A/D linear data captured at the Vita CR (compared to some
CRs that capture at only 10 or 12 bit) - provides the user with the
most digital data to process and view.
• High signal to noise ratio producing great flat field uniformity and
low noise.
• Wide Exposure Range (0.01 – 40mR) allowing you to capture a
wider range of exposures without saturation.
• Low phosphor screen noise and high resolution capabilities
result in outstanding digital images.
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Why Choose the Vita CR? – Easy to Service!
• There are only four screws to remove the Vita CR cover, making it easier
to access the components inside. Easy access helps technicians
reduce repair time.
• Technicians complete some repairs in 20 minutes or less because of
detailed diagnostic capabilities, a reduced number of components, and
several field replaceable parts.
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Why Purchase Vita Over the Competition?
An attractive price, easy installation, short learning curve and reliability make
The Vita CR a competitive winner!
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Specifications: Physical Scanner
Throughput (14x17in)
Up to 44 cassettes per hour; 50 seconds to first scan
<79 lbs (36 kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
13.4" x 29.5" x 21.7“ (34 x 75 x 55cm)
Grayscale Resolution
Acquisition: 16 bits per pixel
Display: 12 bits per pixel
Safety and Regulatory Approvals
Screen Types supported
Carestream Flexible GP2 Screen
Note: Specifications are subject to change.
Consult Carestream Health for the most current information.
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Specifications: Minimum Requirements
Computer Workstation Minimum Requirements
Dual Core Intel CPU
4 USB 2.0 ports (for CR, spare, keyboard and mouse)
80 GB or larger HD
Windows XP Professional® operating system or VISTA Business ™ or Windows 7 ™
Small form factor chassis required for Z-cart
UPS recommended
Power Requirements
• Single-phase 50/60 Hz,
• 100–240 VAC , 4A
Environmental Operating Conditions
Operating conditions:
• 10 to 40 degrees C (50 to 104 degrees F)
• 15 to 76% RH (Non Condensing)
Storage conditions:
• –23 to 66 degrees C (–10 to 150 degrees F),
• 5 to 86% RH (Non Condensing)
Note: Specifications are subject to change.
Consult Carestream Health for the most current information.
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