GMO in Thai Sugar Cane


– Queensland Dialogue #6

Renaissance Resort & Spa, Koh Samui

25 March 2010

Nutthapol Asadathorn, Ph.D.

Thai Sugar Miller Co.,Ltd.

GMO in Thailand

Cabinet Resolution in 2001

Not allow GMOs testing in field level

Not allow imports, cultivate, commercial, possession

Except : Soy bean & Maize

– Raw materials for human food, animal feed, industrial use


Plant control act 1964 & 1999

GMO plants restriction - 40 types

Increase to 49 types in 2003

Restriction: Import, cultivate, commercial, possession

Exception: Research & trials


Agricultural Biosafety Board, Department of agriculture

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Since 1993

Biosafety guidelines on researches & commercial

33 units in universities, colleges, companies

Regulations : National Environment Board,

Ministry of National Resources and



(1) At least 1 crop cycle trial in lab or green house

(2) At least 1 crop cycle trial in testing field

(3) At least 2 crop cycles or locations in field

Special watch : rice, maize, soy bean, papaya


Non-GMO certification by Department of


Cane: Issue the certificate without testing

(1 in 155 products)

White Leaf Disease

Cause: Ph

ั ytoplasma, 16 SrXI-B

Stay in Phloem

No variety that can tollerate

Insect: Leafhopper

M. hiroglyphicus

Y. flavovitatus

Sandy soil

– Northeastern

White Leaf Disease


Budding cane shows white-yellow narrow leaf

Chlorophyll is destroyed

Strong cane will not show symtom


Hot water (50

ºC) 2 hours for cane seed

Eliminate the infected cane

White Leaf Disease

Research stage

Study “Shiva-1 lytic peptide”

Control the Phytoplasma growing in phloem

National Center for Genetic Engineering

Funded : National Science and Technology

Development Agency


Food industry prefer GMO free

Export to Europe

Restriction from government policy

Food safety

Bio-fuel production

Production cost

Thank you