GMO in Thai Sugar Cane

Thai – Queensland Dialogue #6

Renaissance Resort & Spa, Koh Samui

25 March 2010

Nutthapol Asadathorn, Ph.D.

Thai Sugar Miller Co.,Ltd.

GMO in Thailand

Cabinet Resolution in 2001

 Not allow GMOs testing in field level

Not allow imports, cultivate, commercial, possession

Except : Soy bean & Maize – Raw materials for human food, animal feed, industrial use


Plant control act 1964 & 1999

GMO plants restriction - 40 types

Increase to 49 types in 2003

Restriction: Import, cultivate, commercial, possession

Exception: Research & trials


Agricultural Biosafety Board, Department of agriculture

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Since 1993

Biosafety guidelines on researches & commercial

33 units in universities, colleges, companies

Regulations : National Environment Board,

Ministry of National Resources and



(1) At least 1 crop cycle trial in lab or green house

(2) At least 1 crop cycle trial in testing field

(3) At least 2 crop cycles or locations in field

Special watch : rice, maize, soy bean, papaya


Non-GMO certification by Department of


Cane: Issue the certificate without testing

(1 in 155 products)

White Leaf Disease

Cause: Ph

ั ytoplasma, 16 SrXI-B

Stay in Phloem

No variety that can tollerate

Insect: Leafhopper

 M. hiroglyphicus

 Y. flavovitatus

Sandy soil – Northeastern

White Leaf Disease


Budding cane shows white-yellow narrow leaf

Chlorophyll is destroyed

Strong cane will not show symtom


 Hot water (50 ºC) 2 hours for cane seed

 Eliminate the infected cane

White Leaf Disease

Research stage

Study “Shiva-1 lytic peptide”

Control the Phytoplasma growing in phloem

National Center for Genetic Engineering

Funded : National Science and Technology

Development Agency


Food industry prefer GMO free

 Export to Europe

Restriction from government policy

 Food safety

Bio-fuel production

Production cost

Thank you