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Service Offering
• Purchase to Pay
• Employees
• Order to Cash
• Bill and Collection
• Vendor Help Desk
• Fixed Assets Cycle
• Inventory Accounting
• GL Accounting
• MIS & Compliances
• Consulting & Audits
• Compensation &
• Documentation Audit of
• IFRS Consulting &
Retrial Benefits
Customer App Forms
• e-HRIS
• Pan India Statutory
• Manpower
• HR Consulting
• Employee Help Desk
• Database management
• Order Entry Processing
• Purchase Order Processing
• Claims Processing and
• Customer Order Entry and
• Scanning and Storage
• Maintenance of
• Technology
Platform Selection
• Processes Set up
• Transition and
• Workflow Planning
and Design
Vendor Management
 SLA focused approach for electronic management of
vendor invoices (eInvoice) Electronic Work-Flow- To get on-line invoice
approval from User Departments as per agreed
Turn Around Time (TAT)- avoid physical
Focus on Vendor related servicesmovement of invoices from one Desk/Department
 To meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the Client
to another [reduced paper work]
Company with the Vendors- in time payments
 Automation, web-access to user departments Single point of contact for Vendors
To enter details & track same in Document
Management System (DMS) with enhanced security
Help Client Company to meet SLA
features and audit trail
 To control internal Turn Around Time (TAT) of various
 (DMS is a proprietary software of Mynd
Departments involved in Accounts Payable Work Flow
Solutions and offered on Software as a
Service (SAS) basis to the client Company)
 To enhance goodwill of the client Company and help in
 To collect invoices of vendors [Electronic/Image]
meeting long-term business objectives
 To send automated confirmation to vendors on
 Provision of best services to the client Company and
receipt of invoices- [Email]
Vendors for better relationship and coordination
 Auto Alerts to user departments for approval of
Automation and latest control techniques
 Track and control in time processing and payment
 Use of latest automation techniques and software for speed
transfer to vendors- [MIS and on- line Reports]
and accuracy
 To send automated confirmations to vendors on
payment [E-mail/SMS]
 Vendor query management- [E-mails/PhoneCalls]
Capitalization Process
1. Creation of location
Ids in sync with client
2. CWIP (Capital workin-progress) analysis
to initiate
capitalization process
3. Provisional
Capitalization (in
cases where
information is not
available in SAP)
4. Capitalization process
for a particular month
would be completed
on a pre-decided date
in subsequent month
5. Inter circle asset
transfer activity based
on receipt of
1. Circle wise detail of different
assets capitalized during a
particular month and amount
capitalized on pre-decided
2. Break-up of different assets
lying in CWIP at the end of a
particular month on a predecided date
3. CWIP Ageing Report on
monthly basis
4. Quarterly assets transferred
in/transferred out report
with updated Gross Block
and Accumulated
5. Fixed Assets Register (FAR)
6. Depreciation schedule
7. FA reporting
Receivable Management- Billing and
Process integrated to Mynd proprietary Software
Timely Dispatching of Payment request Invoices raised
Process Outline
to Customers.
Reminders (Letters/Mails/Telephonic) on the due dates
to the customers.
Resolution of the customer queries in timely and proper
Ensuring Collection in time & Keeping the DSO in
Raising Payment request Invoices
Dispatch of Invoice/ payment request Invoices to customer
Initiating Follow up with customers for payment
Maintaining Follow up trail and sending reminders to customers
Resolution/Escalation of queries received from Customers
Key Performance Indicators for Mynd Solutions
Identification of AR process gaps and implementation of
corrective steps.
Refining/redefining the current practices wherever
possible to run the AR process best suited to Client
Control over DSO days through collection and reduced process gaps
Timely resolution of queries posted at Helpdesk with a Log record
Maintenance of PPV MIS in the prescribed format
Collection watch – No AR in past due category without justifiable
Physical verification
Construction of existing data-FAR.
Compilation of site wise asset register.
Break up of FAR into line items with single qty.
Reconciliation of data
Physical Verification and Tagging of fixed assets using bar codes.
Digital photographs of assets verified
Reconciliation of physical verification reports vis-à-vis FA register.
Way Forward - recommendations
Uploading of FA register in ERP system.
Closing statement
HRIS Function
HRIS- Gives three key process dimension
• Integrated Processes
– Complete life-cycle management from acquisition to separation
– Completely automated, self-service driven processes
– Eliminates wastages and costly slip-ups by inter-linking each process
with related ones
• Best-practice driven processes
– Brings best practices to each HR process
• Optimized Processes
– Eliminates administrative overheads on HR and ensures leaner HR
teams and a scalable HR function
Payroll processing
Payroll Administration
Salary structuring & suggestions
Salary Processing
Ensure necessary deduction & maintain records
Tracking of reimbursement eligibilities, claims and payments
Tax calculations & Advice
Web enabled reports
Monthly Employer / Statutory compliance
Annual Employer / Statutory compliance
Query solving for employees within 24 Hrs.
Record Keeping.
Quality Delivery Approach
Identify process deliverables
End to end process mapping is done using SIPOC / Flow charts
Process documentation / SOPs to impart trainings
Regular updation of SOPs to ensure consistency in delivery
Ensuring no gaps and robust change management in place
Identify process deliverables from customer SLAs i.e. TAT, Accuracy, Compliance etc
Follow metrics driven approach
Set up KRAs for all Agent / TLs / Managers in alignment with deliverables
Review process performance on metrics to ensure customer delivery
Checklist for each activity of the process to avoid any lapses / miss outs
Prepare audit or monitoring sheet with weightages to determine scoring
Identify critical (fatal) errors for the process
Set QA score targets for each process
Audit checklist /
monitoring sheet
Perform audits
monitoring regularly
- Conduct audits / monitoring of required samples on each process
- Prepare accuracy MIS at process level & processor level to identify lapses
- Focus more on new joinees / ones committing more errors
Analysis audit / monitoring
Scores & fix errors
Analyse errors and identify training needs for processors
Address training needs immediately to fill gaps
Take corrective & preventive measures to fix and avoid re-occurrence of errors
Ensuring consistency in the delivery with least variations.
Execution Excellence
Process mapping
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