 Agrata techno soft is a specialized product application development
company with mobile technology platform as the focus.
 Today, Agrata techno soft is scaling up rapidly in mobile space by
offering business solutions to its client base that includes verticals like
Field service, Telecom, Transportation and distribution, Public Sector,
 Construction, Pharmaceutical, Financial and insurance, logistics, sales
force automation, to name a few.
 We provide key products that support and improve business efficiency,
 Scalability and stability of operations of various business functions
• Focused Technological expertise
• Demonstrated competence
• Flexible & Scalable availability
• Competitive cost-effectiveness
• Improved value addition
• Faster turnaround times
• Dedicated top-level management commitment in every critical
business process.
• Superior infrastructure and motivated team
 Automobile
 Banking
 Entertainment
 Healthcare
 Finance
 Advertising
 Hospitality
 Logistics
 We conduct a Needs Analysis. We ask
questions and pay attention to the
answers. We want to understand your
audience and your competition.
 When
your website complies with
project objectives and has passed all
quality Assurance checks, we get your
final approval and upload to the server
 Agrata Mobile platform is world class product built by highly qualified
domain experts.
 A simple yet powerful tool that helps customers in tracking their
employees, their tasks, schedules, location while on the move.
 The superior design and built-in architecture allows customizing the
application to suit specific requirements.
 Instant reporting helps administrators in better planning of resources,
man, machine and money.
 When used by sales team, improves predictability in sales forecasting
resulting into better production planning in turns improves the
SOFTWARE APPLICATION AND B.P.O resource management is an un
explored market in India with immense potential.
 Field Service
 Telecom
 Transportation and Distribution
 Public sector
 Construction
 Pharmaceutical
 Financial and Insurance Sector
 Logistics
...and many more!
 Agrata has a very strong and experienced team with
 proven capabilities in the field of software applications
 for field resources of any organization.
 The team is a dynamic mix of youthful energy and
 professional wisdom.
 The team is dedicated and passionate about client
 success, regardless the complexity and scale of the challenge.
Contact Numbers:
Head Quarters:
#618 Twickenham CT,
Johnscreek, GA-30024.
India office:
3rd flo0r,
Sai Sathya commercial complex,
beside Green Bawarchi,
Opposite KPHB Road No: 1,
Email Ids:
[email protected]
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