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ASIA & ASEAN Economic Community
Potential Star in World Economy
Key Note Presentation
NK Goyal, President CMAI
Chairman Emeritus, TEMA
Vice Chairman ITU APT
Chairman, ITPS Dubai
Member, Governing Board Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion
Council (Govt. of India)
, 2013
GTU Ahemdabad, May 19th 2013
www.cmai.asia, www.cmaievents.com
About CMAI
CMAI prime Integrated Association of India representing all
verticals of ICE, telecom sector of India in India having 48.500
members and more than 54 MOUs with International
organizations with branch offices in USA, UK, Japan, Korea,
Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.
It offers one window service for information dissemination,
guidance on setting up businesses in India.
It connects to Industries, Government, Trade and Business
It is involved in policy formulations with Government and other
stake holders or Technology Innovations, Indigenous
It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness in the
domestic and international markets.
It also offers consultancy services on turn key basis through its
member companies
About TEMA
Established on 1st June, 1990, TEMA is recognized by the
Government of India as the National Apex body to represent
telecom Technology Providers, Global and Indian, Private and
Government owned companies.
Being the official mouthpiece of telecom manufacturing
industry, TEMA plays the critical role of:
Advising the government and influencing decisions relating to
telecom industry.
Nominating names of technical experts from the industry to
various telecom committees of the Government of India and
major national industry associations.
CES, 2009 being inaugurated and ribbon cutting at Las Vegas on 8th January, 2009 by NK Goyal with Sir
Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO of Sony Corporation, Mr. Tom Hanks, the American movie star,
Mr.Gary Yacoubian, Chairman CEA & President of Myer-Emco AudioVideo, Mr. Gary Saprio, Vice
President of CEA, Ms. Qu., Presixdent, CECC China, Mr. Patrick Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox,
Mr. Peter Lesser, President and CEO of X-10 (USA) Inc, Mr. Loyd Ivey, Chairman and CEO of MiTek
Electronics and Communications, Mr. Jay McLellan, President and CEO of Home Automation, Inc. (HAI),
Mr. Mike Mohr, President of Celluphone, Mr.Grant Russell, President of Kleen Concepts
My Personal View
Systems, definitions we are now made to follow were created 250 years before.
Economy, Education, Teacher, Student, Bank, Democracy, Politics, Society,
Love, Friendship.. ..Mere empty words, meanings are not same. Love most
talked, most confused, most misunderstood
Aspirations we have, times we are living, the way we live, the way we do things,
Needs we have implicit and explicit……..all are changing.
Dichotomy : Privacy Vs Openness, Social Media Vs Freedom; Globalization Vs local
Art of Communications dramatically changed. From talk less to talk
more….letters/telegrams to web……lack of human touch..where is the hug
PPT on laptop.... Little do we realise the ease and comfort of the whole process.
We innovate to destroy..society, human values, our own industries..radio paging,
camera, voice recorders, tele printer etc. etc.
World Economy
1.The Worst is over, but the Good is not here yet!
2.IMF just trim global growth 3.5% to 3.3%
3.USA – recovery is fragile
4. Euro zone – all negative
only growth is unemployment & debt!
5. Japan – struggling
6. BRICS – slam on the Brake!
World will be in a long period of sluggish growth
Full of risks, volatility and uncertainty
Everyone is just printing money! Asset bubble!
Telecom in Asia
Asia is a region of superlatives in the ICT arena with
over two billion telephones, including 1.4 billion
mobile subscribers, and 42 per cent of the world’s
Internet users
Asia is also the world’s largest broadband market
with a 39 per cent share of the world’s total at the
end of 2007.
(ITU’s 2008 Asia Pacific Telecommunications and ICT
Indicators Report)
Where to find growth?
The center of gravity of the Global
economic activities is moving
from West to East
North Asia block is maturing
Hong Kong
Asean ?
Association of South East Asian
10 members
Population: 618 millions
GDP: 2012:$2.3 trillion
Estimated 2020 grow to : $ 4.7
Rationale for optimism
Economy of most Asean nations were relatively
unscathed during the
double world financial crisis since 2008.
Average growth was around 5% & sustaining.
Low national debt < 50% of GDP,except S’pore
High level of reserve
Large young population
Embracing technology
Some High lights
Singapore : Financial hub
Malaysia : Natural resources :
oil, palm oil, natural gas
Indonesia : 1 T economy in
2030 could surpass UK
Finding the niche
Philippines : Electronics
Vietnam : Manufacturing
Thailand : Diversified
Rising Hot Spots
IT & Mobile
Each nation is finding its own niche and
expand on it!
Other financial
dimension - ASEAN :
External :
Foreign Direct Investment
Neighbor – North Asia, Australia & N Zealand
Intra Asean
Trade & Investment
Cultural exchange
Challenges for Asean?
Diversity in
Historic rivalry
Needs time to smooth out!
Asean Markets-Way Forward
The Asean Community will move forward
rapidly in terms of economic alliance
Diversity & differences can be both a
challenge and stimulation
It will not follow the EU’s agenda of political
Electronic will be a key industry
The region will definitely emerges as a power
house by 2030!
Innovations – Key For Growth
Ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary inventions
India faces key developmental challenges in critical areas:
healthcare, food, nutrition, agriculture, education, energy,
water, financial inclusion, livelihoods.
Globally and in India such challenges are addressed in two ways
– Philanthropy and Government Grants / Subsidies.
Best brains in the world to solve the problems of the poor
recognizing the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) and not
merely attracted to solve the problems of the affluent
Despite many constraints -- lack of education and severe cash
crunch -- most of them have succeeded in using technology
cost-effectively to build ingenious products.
Why Innovations?
Innovations in ICT have changed the way we live, new products
coming up around the globe at a dizzying pace and with a deeprooted, at times unpredictable, impact upon society and
Innovations can produce an annual GDP output of more than
$50b. Big enough to eradicate the poverty and hunger problems
of several Countries of world. (World Bank)
The needs and technologies of present times have changed and
are new to our generation. Meanings, dynamics, expectations
are changing. Everybody wants everything. Hunger for more
and more speed, data, volume
Hence need for new approach for innovations.
India China Asian Countries
leading Innovation markets
Developing Countries like India, China, South Africa have come
up with several Innovative ideas and have immense manpower
waiting to be harnessed and capitalized.
Asia….the engine for growth, also known as BRIC
India, China…the two largest populated Countries with similar
characteristics of large demand and cost sensitive.
Emerging markets BRIC India Brazil China Russia are the new
mass markets of the world. They now generate half of global
GDP and more than 40% of world exports. Yet, the customers
in these new mass markets are fundamentally different from
those in developed markets. Contrast the average per capita
income in the U.S. $44,000 vs India $1,000
India Government promotes Innovations
2010-2020 declared as Decade of Innovation-focus on
inclusive growth to cover Governance, Service Delivery,
Environment, Land, Education, S&T, Health, Finance etc.
A National Innovation Council with State Innovation Councils
and Sector Innovation Councils.
State Councils to create a cross-cutting system to boost
innovation performance in the entire country, to promote
Innovations by State Govt., encourage young talent, local
Universities, MSME, R&D Institutes, identify and reward talent,
Organize risk capital
Sector Specific Councils focused for each Industry sector to
drive innovative strategies in key sectors and create multiple
Innovations in Education
National Innovation Scholarships to identify talented children at the
school level who think creatively, laterally and innovatively on issues that
they perceive as important in their local environment. To have a
multiplier effect of valuing creativity and innovation by parents and
teachers and the learning system.
Innovation Centre in each District Institute of Education and
Training to enhance teacher training and enable them to become
facilitators of creativity and innovative thinking.
Mapping of Local History, Ecology and Cultural Heritage by each
High School in the Country to create critical thinking on their local
environment by students.
National Innovation Promotion Service to use college students to
identify local innovations.
Meta University, where a network of institutions riding on the National
Knowledge Network come together to offer students a collaborative and
multidisciplinary learning experience.
Cont….Innovations in Education
Design Innovation Centres co-located in institutes of
national importance.
University Innovation Clusters where innovation would be
seeded through Cluster Innovation Centres. The CIC will
provide a platform for the university and its partners to forge
linkages between various stakeholders from industry and
academia, initiate and assist innovation activities, encourage
innovations in curricula and act as a catalyst and facilitator. It
will also work closely with other industry clusters in its region.
Tod Fod Job (TFJ) in Schools and Colleges to foster Innovation
at an early stage and to create an innovative mindset in the
Tod Fod Job-To Inspire Children to
Discover, Experiment, Innovate
Start early towards building a nation of creators not
just consumers of products
Tinkering, Discovery, Experimentation are strong
forms of learning
Establish Indian oriented model of Hands-on
discovery and learning for 5th-8th class students
To over come of problems of most Schools &
Colleges that focus on
Remembering & Understanding
Not Applying & Creating
Not hands-on discovery with what students consume everyday
Industry Innovation Clusters
The Innovation Clusters to bring out the needs of both industry and
academia and provide a means of addressing the needs through proactive regional ecosystems of collaboration.
To act as a networking hub/arm of the cluster, forge linkages between
various stakeholders, initiate and assist innovation activities acting as
catalysts and facilitators.
To aid the cluster and its ecosystem in connecting with each other,
provide guidance to various stakeholders when needed, organize
initiatives to promote growth, channel various incentives that benefit
the cluster and act as an incubating body managing the growth of
innovation in the cluster.
Actively engaging with everyone associated with the cluster and by
being a universal well-wisher constantly seeking improvement to the
next-level, the cluster to imbibes and sustains an innovation culture.
India Inclusive Innovation Fund
US$ 1Bn. Fund to drive and catalyse the creation of an ecosystem of
enterprise, entrepreneurship, and venture capital, targeted at
innovative solutions, technologies aimed at enhancing the quality of life
at the bottom of the pyramid.
To invest in a new generation of entrepreneurs who will build – and are
in the process of building – world class enterprises that focus on the
problems of the poor, without compromising on economic success.
To create a new Indian model of innovation: one that bridges growth
and equitability.
To support at different stages of the enterprise development cycle –
from early stages, through later phases of scaling-up of potentially
successful solutions and business models.
Investing in a new generation of entrepreneurial talent, capable of
innovating in products, processes, and business models: successfully
combining profitability and business excellence, with transformational
socioeconomic impact.
Science, Technology &
Innovation Policy 2013
Creating a robust National Innovation System.
Enhancing skills for applications of science among the young from all
social sectors.
Making careers in science, research and innovation attractive enough
for talented and bright minds.
Linking contributions of Science Research and innovation system with
the inclusive economic growth agenda and combining priorities of
excellence and relevance.
Seeking S&T based high risk innovation through new mechanisms.
Fostering resource optimized cost-effective innovation across size and
technology domains.
Triggering in the mindset & value systems to recognize respect and
reward performances which create wealth from S&T derived knowledge
India…..Known for Innovations
Number System Zero in 100 BC, Ayurveda Medicine system
2,500 years before, Yoga, rotation and correct sped of earth in
499 AD, art of navigation 6000 years before, value of pie etc.
In recent times
 Tata Nano Car 2,000 USD. Tata Europa for world market
 Akash Tablet 35-40 USD
 Cheapest 100 cc Bike: Rock-100 at USD 365 & mileage of 100 kmpl
 World's cheapest electric car 8500 Euro Mahendra Reva E 20
 Prosthetics Jaipur foot: Affordable prosthetics @ US$28.
 Hepatitis Vaccine
Indian Jugaad Technology
- the need of the hour
Definition: The most innovative, economical and quality method
to accomplish the desired task by unusual / unimaginable
means and ways.
Indian Jugaad is Most Happening Technology
On the plurality of knowledge and the autonomy of different
forms of Science and Technology, and the scope to do ground
breaking innovations is immense
Example: A washing-cum-exercise machine, hand operated
water lifting device, portable smokeless stove, automatic food
making machine, solar mosquito killer, shock proof converter, a
floating toilet soap
Unleashing Indian Telecom Innovations
World’s highest monthly addition, second largest base in world,
$ 110 Bn. investments needed in Telecom sector during 20122017
$ 40 Bn. for Pan-India Broadband rollout and augmenting
transmission network.
New innovative ways of doing business
First to introduce Managed Services and Infrastructure sharing
Lowest acquisition cost for new connection ..half dollar for life
Missed call, Caller Back Ring Tone, Dynamic discounting, Battery
life, World’s smallest recharge and lowest cost cell phone
SMS based earnings due to TV games, greetings, jokes, social
networks, VAS contents
Sachet VAS pricing, 0.018 USD (INR 1) per day use etc
Gen I ….Indian Hot Market
Gen I’ers are increasingly becoming the public face of
the new India—emblems of national optimism,
energy, and growth.
Members of Gen I believe in living in the present and
indulging themselves more than their parents do.
Beauty and personal-care market has grown 20 times
over the past 20 years.
Are also worldlier, with greater exposure to global
events and trends, making them much more
India….as a Centre for Innovations
India has a vast pool of innovative and talented human
resource. India produces over 200,000 engineers every year.
The Government proposes to enhance the number of post
graduates and PHd. in electronics, so that abundant manpower
is available for electronics industry to grow and flourish.
Estimated production of electronic in India is expected to reach
USD 104 Bn. by the year 2020, creating a gap of USD 296 Bn. in
demand and production. This creates a unique opportunity for
companies in the Electronic System Design & Manufacturing
India can be source of Innovations to grow and market in big
Time to look at India to set up Innovation Centers,
manufacturing units and explore opportunities in electronics by
joining hands with local entrepreneurs.
We owe to our future generations for a better world
Need for free flow of available knowledge and instruments, so that
these innovations can reach the masses globally and become
Developing Countries have different kinds of necessity—starting from
mobile phones to efficient billing of electricity, water, and gas, or for
disbursal of food grains or cash transfer for the poor. Electronics has
an important role to play, not only to reduce the paper work, but also
to ensure that food and money reach the designated beneficiary.
There are several Premier Institutions across globe playing important
role for innovations, for example in India- Indian Institute of
Technology, Regional Engineering Colleges, Birla Institute of
Technology etc.
Cooperation between Industry-Industry, Research Institutes-Research
Institutes, Association-Association
CMAI Youth
Membership www.yraclub.org
CMAI offers free membership to Students and Youth up
to 1st August, 2013
You will be given a Complimentary Membership for Youth
Relationship and Affairs Club.
For that you have to Visit http://www.cmai.asia/YouthStudent.php
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Youth Membership Benefits
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various CMAI organized Events in India.
Guidance and strategic support for difficult times in youth life
with regard to study, relationships, affairs, happiness, trauma
due to any situations, and conflict managements in society due
to several pressures, stress management, sleep disorders, a
helping hand in case of need.
Youth Membership Benefits
Guidance and tips in personal relationship issues relating to
health, meditation, Yoga, spiritual healing, alternate medicines,
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Assistance in summer projects and placement in CMAI Member
Latest and happening updates on latest Technology upgrades
Spiritual meditation and Yoga tips for excellence in life
Guidance for effective communication and relationship.
Guidance and tips for Win-Win Strategies for interviews, carrier
& business
Assistance in website, animation, blog, social media connections
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