LCCenter Ltd

«LCCenter Ltd»
LCCenter Ltd was established in 2007 with the aim of
development and implementation of the LegioN Project –
the computerized system of debt collection.
The “Legion” system
• The aim and the main objective of the Legion software is
to provide complete automation of the process of
preparation and drafting of the entire set of legal and
ancillary documents for litigation purposes on debt
Using “Legion” system
Legion has been put in operation and is successfully
functioning nowadays.
The projects related to collection of current debts due to
PJSC UkrSibbank, a member of BNP Paribas Group –
one of the major players in global market of financial
services, have been completed successfully
The system has been implemented and now efficiently
operates in servicing the customers of Ukrtelecom –
Ukraine’s largest provider of telecommunication
The software databases are tested in all regions of
Ukraine. The system databases are updating and
upgrading continuously.
Computerized processes
• The system is capable of execution of any existing kinds of legal
proceedings. It forms all the necessary sets of documents for each
proceeding performing control over the terms of their execution
• 742 courts
and general
jurisdiction) of
all instances
with indication
of territorial
and contacting
accounts for
court fee and
expenses for
and technical
provision of the
Main databases
Scope of application
• “Legion” system among others can be used for
collecting of debts on overdue consumer credits,
overdrafts, salary projects, car-purchase credits
and mortgages.
Primary information
• The data provided by the Client for processing could be in any structured
electronic form.
Process templates
• Depending upon the
type of relationships
established between
the client and the
debtor the system is
offering a flexibly
adjustable mechanism
for performing the
procedure of debt
collection. In
compliance with the
client's needs there
could be applied both
typical templates and
individually tailored
System’s WEB-interface
The system could be installed locally, on our or on Client’s server. Access to
upload, processing and use could be granted via web interface,
Processing of data
• After processing the initial data territorial location of each debtor with reference to
appropriate courts and court marshal services are determined. Entire set of
litigation documents as well as calculation of the amounts due as payment of the
court duty and information support fees are generated automatically and
Set of documents
• The set of documents is formed on the basis of the available in the system or
templates specially developed by our specialists along with client’s specialists.
• The required volume of data can be obtained per each debtor by means of
exporting the data into the most used formats
Pricing models
• We offer a flexible
and individually
tailored system of
payments for the
rendered services
on the basis of
base calculation
models or a
combination thereof
Saving of time and funds
• 10 lawyers with a month salary of EUR 500.00 mean payment of EUR
5,000.00 per month or 60 000 per year (net amount).
• 1 operator with a month salary of 500 EUR is capable of producing 10,000
lawsuits a day that permits to save funds and to spend money for something
that you consider as more important.
• “Legion” system could be integrated with any automatic control system in such
a way that human interference would be minimized as much as possible
herewith the productivity will increase significantly and will depend only on
technical issues.
Time is money
If you provide us with the correct
primary information it would
take us not more than two
days to prepare 10,000 suits.
Software info
We apply the most up-to-date
technologies allowing
maximal acceleration of the
data processing operations
We guarantee protection and
confidentiality of the the data
Тelephone (044) 484-6417
Fax (044) 484-6419
Contact person:
Lugovoi Alexei
04053, Kyiv, Ukraine
Sichovyh Striltsiv (Artema) str. 50
Office 4B