RMIT Intelligent Agents Group:
Research Areas
Group members:
Lin Padgham, John Thangarajah, Sebastian
Sardina, Lawrence Cavedon, Fabio Zambetta,
Dhirendra Singh, Wilson Wong, Miquel
Ramirez, Saeed Shahbazi, + students
Some Research Areas
Agent Oriented Software Engineering (previous ARC)
– Behaviour Composition (ARC DP)
– Virtual Toys & Dialogue Management (ARC LP)
– Agent Based Simulation (ARC DP)
– Agent Based Games
– Other...
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Agent Oriented Software Engineering
Agent Technology
- How do we design these agents in a structured manner?
- How can we support and use structured design artifacts?
- We continue to develop Prometheus methodology and PDT design tool, now an
Eclipse plugin.
- Current focus on testing and on verification aspects.
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Behaviour Composition in Smart Spaces (KR)
How do we represent this information?
How do we coordinate in a smart and
automated way?
How do we prove that they work
We are developing Techniques to do this
- Automated Planning
- Verification/Model checking
- Reactive Synthesis
- Agent Oriented Programming
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Agent Based Simulation – Emergency Management (++)
- How do we build modular agent based
simulations with reusable components
for use by policy makers and others?
- We have built a prototype evacuation
planning simulation in collaboration with
CFA and a flood preparation analysis
simulation with City of Port Phillip and
- Building strong links to social science.
Adding BDI to ABMS. Looking at Urban
Planning area.
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Agents and Games
Synthesis of controllers to play or direct
games in human-like fashion?
Creating controllers using BDI and
- Super Mario Turing Test AI
- Angry Birds (Human vs machine)
- Capture the flag (CTF)
Generating narrative in role playing
games using BDI and planning:
- BDI Gamemaster for comp. RPG
- Game story construction using
agent planning.
Interactive story-telling.
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Other projects/areas
Intention selection and management
Preferences in BDI plan selection
Online learning in agent systems
Planning in agent systems
Formal verification of agent systems
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