Solutions for Transmission Tower Industry

Solution for Transmission
Tower Industry
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Solution Objectives
Bring the FULL benefits of ERP to the Design, Planning and
Production departments.
Plug gaps in ERP, by addressing needs like BOM, Routing
generation, Material optimization etc.
Integrate diverse information sources into the workflow.
Enhance automation and standardization.
An industry standard solution currently in use by leaders like Jyoti
Structures Ltd., KEC, etc.
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Gaps in ERP
BOM & Routing
extraction from
CAD, PDF drawings
& Blueprints.
Material planning
Estimation and
purchase of Raw
material for
Material Optimization
based on actual
stocks available
BOM, Routing data
upload to ERP
Time estimation
for production
planning (based
on tonnage calc.)
Shop Drawing for
CNC code generation
as applicable for
Angles, plates.
Zinc Weight, Piece
Multiple formats,
Vernet, Fanuc, Ficep,
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Gaps Addressed
Automatic/Manual BOM generation & capture of process
information from diverse sources
AutoCAD, PDF, Third-Party CAD drawings.
Other packages like BoCad via custom import filters.
Integrate with ERP to Upload BOM and process info.
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Gaps Addressed
Accurate Raw Material estimation
At material indent with PR generation for Purchase.
With actual stocks during Production..
Tower split, subtype wise optimization for Angles and Plates (based on
PLUS 1D & PLUS 2D technologies).
Utilization% RM Code wise
Cut List RM Code wise
Stocks RM Code wise
Nirvana Technology Pvt Ltd - Confidential
Gaps Addressed
Automatic Route generation with accurate process time
Based on available Work Centre constraints and material
properties, processes.
Accurate Process Time Estimation
Work Centre
Mark Nos.,
Process Time
formulae based
on Time Study.
Nirvana Technology Pvt Ltd - Confidential
Gaps Addressed
Automation in manufacturing
DSTV file
Vernet CNC
Zinc calculations.
Automated shop drawing generation.
Interface with beam and plate lines.
CNC code for Vernet, Fanuc controllers.
DXF drawings for Winsteel for Ficep.
DSTV files.
DXF drawing for WinSteel
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Transmission Tower Solution
Annotation of structural
AutoCAD In-house Design drawing and capturing BOM
and process data.
Automation in Design,
Engineering, Production
of Towers
Captures data for BOM,
Routing & generates Shop
Drawing, CNC for angles.
PLUS TOWEROPT Optimization of Angles &
Tower Optimization
Nirvana Technology Pvt Ltd - Confidential
Manual extraction of BOM & Routing info. from CAD, PDF,
Third party drawings…
Simplified Data entry
Common structured data format
Accurate Piece weight and Zinc weight calculations.
Batch upload to ERP
Automatic BOM & Routing data captured while annotating
structural drawing using PLUS AIDE.
No double data entry, no errors,
Manpower requirement reduced.
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Material optimization.
Maximizes yield - significant money saving.
Evaluate What-If – simulate different procurement scenarios.
Improve procurement strategy.
Handles maximum 3 open pallets, cleats.
Accurate Time estimation & Routing.
Better production scheduling.
Nirvana Technology Pvt Ltd - Confidential
Shop drawing and CNC for angles generated automatically.
Batch generation of required files for the workcenters available.
Automatic generation => no human errors.
Work in mm or inches.
Can integrate with your ERP.
Currently integrated with SAP, JD Edwards.
Nirvana Technology Pvt Ltd - Confidential
For a detailed presentation
To plug gaps in ERP and multiply its benefits
• Save raw material,
• Compress the design-to-manufacture time,
• Reduce manpower requirement,
• Improve existing procurement strategy,
• Benefit from higher automation in design, manufacturing
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Material Optimization Solutions for
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