Final LEP HHC slides for Solent MM Careers Conference 17 09 14

Solent Marine & Maritime
Careers Conference
Siobhan Flynn
Employment & Skills Manager
Amanda Beable
Marine Growth Manager (HCC)
We are a world class centre of excellence
in the Marine & Maritime sector
The UK has the
largest marine and
maritime sector in
Europe, generating
GVA of £19 billion
The Port of
Southampton is
the UK’s number
one automotive
port and the
country’s premier
cruise port
The Solent has
the largest and
most diverse
marine cluster
in the UK
The Marine Industry is key to the
economic success of our area
The region
Accounts for over
20% of GVA,
Provides over
48,000 jobs (5%)
Supports 3,000
Our heritage and natural geography
position where we are today
South coast
World shipping channels
Natural harbours
Double tides
Proximity to London
• Portsmouth Historic Dock Yard –
Mary Rose & HMS Victory
• Isle of Wight – birth place of the
America’s Cup
• Southampton – Famous cruise
ships launched
It is a thriving industry with many subsectors
Science &
And it provides a wealth of career
opportunities in many sub sectors
Port – cruise, container & vehicle logistics
Autonomous systems programmer
Workboat builder
Naval architect
Competitive sailor
Super yacht designer
Ocean basin researcher
Composites engineer
Offshore maintenance
And many
more that
you’ll hear
about today
The importance of the sector both to the
UK and the region is recognised by central
Amongst other recommendations –
report recommended the creation of
business-led Marine Steering Group
Government commissioned
‘Transforming the Solent – The
Marine Supplement’
Now established and chaired by
Brain Johnson from BAE Systems
Strategic Economic Plan – Priorities
Supporting new businesses, enterprise and ensuring SME survival and growth.
Enabling infrastructure priorities
Establishing a single inward investment model
Investing in skills to establish a sustainable pattern of growth
Developing strategic sectors and clusters (interconnected groups and businesses)
of marine, aerospace and defence, advanced manufacturing, engineering, transport
and logistics businesses, low carbon and the visitor economy
Building on our substantial knowledge assets to support innovation and build
innovative capacity in the Solent - particularly linked to our HE excellence.
The Solent Labour Market
Relatively high employment rates and low unemployment
Job growth forecast to exceed growth in the working age population
Strong intermediate level skills; but underperformance in higher level skills
Over half of all job opportunities to 2020 will require higher level skills
Demand for higher level skills to increase across all sectors
Growth sectors to increasingly require Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM) Skills
The Solent Skills Strategy
• Developing World-Class Skills
• Transitions to Employment
• Raising Business Investment in Skills
• Developing a Responsive Skills System
Examples of Current Solent LEP Skills Work
• £12m CEMAST Centre at the Solent Enterprise Zone opened
September 2014
• Solent Skills for Growth Fund
• Solent Young Entrepreneur Fund
• Young Consultants
Current Solent LEP Skills Work cont.
• £10.9m Isle of Wight Composite Centre
• £12.4m Eastleigh College redevelopment & IT/advanced technology
• Solent Employer Ownership of Skills Programme due to launch
Autumn 2014