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Shanti Ratan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd
113, Madanpur -Khadar Sarita-Vihar
About Us
 Shanti Ratan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd is one of
emerging Mid Sized IT Company in the Delhi, Bihar, Kolkatta.
 It has been established in 2009 to offer most advance and
reliable services at low cost.
 We offer services like Customized Software Development, ERP
Development and Implementation, Website Designing, Website
Maintenance, Domain Registration and Hosting, Graphic Design
for the Web and Print, Database Development and Migration,
Branding and Logo Development, Firewall & Network Security
Solutions, Attendance & Payroll Management Systems,
Biometric & Access Control Systems, Computer Sell & Service ,
Voice and Non Voice Support Solution, Search Engine
Optimization and Social Media Optimization.
About Us (Cont.)
 Shanti Ratan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd has in-depth
expertise in providing all kinds of Software (Web and Online)
and Outsourcing Solutions to Indian and foreign clients besides
enabling various US, Europe, Canada & Australia based
companies to outsource their services to India and in setting up
their back office operations in India.
 At Shanti Ratan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd, we take pride
in developing the best technology and providing first-class
service and support to our customers.
 Experts in distributed computing, databases, financial and Web
Based applications and Hardware solutions, our team has
pioneered the most robust suite of Internet, Intranet and
standalone based software and hardware solutions available.
 Shanti Ratan Information Technology’s highly scalable and
expandable technology works with a variety of client segments,
whether corporate or low level end user segment.
Business Areas
Web Design & Development
Customized Software Development
Graphics and Animation Work
Internet Marketing & Promotion
Hardware and Networking Solutions
BPOs and KPOs
Firewall & Security Solutions
Technology Education and Training
Server Installation & Maintenance
Technology Consultancy and ERP Solution
Business Model
 Our business model focuses on having long-term strategic
relationships with clients and a significant portion of our
revenue comes from repeat business from our client base
extending across India.
 With our strategically located marketing business centers and a
virtual team model, we can provide high quality, mission critical,
rapid time-to-market solutions on time and within budget.
 All professionals at Shanti Ratan Information Technology (P)
LTD are derived from leading institutions of higher learning in
India and are seasoned having worked on leading projects both
at Shanti Ratan Information Technology (P) LTD and in their
past work experiences.
 We invest heavily on new Technology through research and
development and further refining our efforts in using existing
ones, making us the leader amongst our peer group.
Business Concept
 Our sustained growth as a technology partner, delivering
competitive business advantage, comes from our presence
at the top of the technology evolution and maturity curve.
 In addition, we feel we have the power to breathe life into
technology in ways that can change how people use, work,
and interact on the Internet.
 Our user-centric interface design team is one of the best
from India and their creative expertise and use of cutting
edge Technology ensures we are creating meaningful
connections between people, ideas, art, and technology —
and developing Internet solutions unparalleled in the
Our mission is to equip our clients with the latest in
Technology. To provide all kinds of assistance to Indian
as well as overseas clients in moving their work to India
& finding the needed expertise for specialized services
such as marketing, management, strategic IT solutions,
accounting services, setting up center, distributing work
and more.
To be an integrated RIGHT sourced services provider of
choice, through providing high quality managed services
Project Management
Our internal Project Management System
Our internet based Query Management System
High quality production
Higher Quality deliveries
Large Projects to be managed with ease
Project Management Practices
What Shanti Ratan Stands for
The Dictionaries define SRIT as a biological entity which
has undergone a change in its genetic structure". The
organization provides services through an organized
methodology of planning, developing, implementing
and maintaining strategic information systems. The
need for structure and process has been balanced well
with flexibility and good business sense to create a
successful blend of high-energy entrepreneurial spirit
and sound business strategies.
Domain Expertise
We value the domain expertise as we believe that domain
experience matters in delivering a quality solution to the client. We
do a lot of brainstorming before beginning of any work. Our
analytical team puts their best in developing a common
understanding about the requirement.
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Banking and Finance
E Learning
IT & ITeS Outsourcing
Outsourcing is subcontracting a process to a third-party company
for lowering firm costs, redirecting or conserving energy directed at
the competencies of a particular business, or to make more
efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources.
 Shanti Ratan try every bit and nail to fulfill the benefit of
outsourcing by providing quality work at very reasonable cost.
 We are also providing competent and skillful resources on
various Technology at hourly basis as per the need and
desirability of customer.
 Our developers won many laurels and appreciations through
their commitments and labors.
 They hoisted the flag of Shanti Ratan Information Technology
every time they were assigned some task.
 We honor and salute the truth and honesty of our team.
Focus on Quality and Processes
 At every stage of the development process, from conceptual
design to product release, the highest quality standards are
Our extensive communication facilities allow us to keep in
touch with our customers 24 hours a day.
Shanti Ratan Information Technology adheres to well
defined quality management systems.
We are also proud of our project management capabilities
that ensure our customers have the most current
information about the projects.
Similarly, we use Track-IT to make sure we are recording
and communicating clearly the maintenance and help desk
Working Methodology
 A dynamic approach to Project Development is vital for a
far-reaching effect and better customer satisfaction.
We do follow all traditional models of Project
Development, the only difference lies in the way we choose
them to serve your purpose in the best possible way.
You are obliged to utilize our intricate software engineering
procedures for software development life cycle.
With our elaborate Technical Support you can be sure of
acquiring any process.
From requirement to release, you can be confident of
finding sound industry-standard software development
practices with unmatched Troubleshooting and after sales
Open and Clear Communication
 Shanti Ratan Information Technology has created number
of software products to meet the industry requirements on
its domain expertise range.
We believe in keeping solutions simple; yet the web or
software development process can be a complex task.
To us, your productive web presence is the main guideline
in work.
That's why we strive for making final product as simple in
use as possible, no matter how complicated its
development might be.
We listen to our clients and together we achieve the
We offer solutions from a wide range of latest Technology.
Selection of technology is solely based upon the need and suitability of it.
We have dedicated and energetic teams for different Technology.
We are dealing in
Adobe Tools
Google Applications
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and ORACLE
Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, OS Commerce, CRE Loaded Customization
Red Hat Linux
SAP Implementation and Customization
Sugar CRM and vTiger
Open Source Technology and tools
Technology Partners
 Microsoft
 Red-hat
 Sun Micro Systems
 Adobe
 Google
 Cisco
 Dell
 Cyberoam
 Sonic wall
We feel proud in our deep association with our clients.
Our basic guideline is to reduce cost and increase
productivity while providing prompt, legible and high
quality programming solutions to our customers.
Our commitment and timely delivery of quality solution
creates an everlasting relationship.
 Government and NGOs
 Indian Corporates & Business Houses
 Foreign Clients
Government and NGOs
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
Centre for Consumer Studies
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Federation of Indian Mineral Industries
Central Organisation for Oil Industry & Trade
Wild Life Trust of India
Foundation for MSME Clusters
Kapil Sibal
Earth Camps
Human Rights Law Network
Indian Corporates & Business Houses
The Anil Nanda Group
Mini Meters Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Industries Ltd
Nupur Herbals Ltd.
Unitech Machine Ltd
Brandgain Asia
Asim Industries
TANSON Entertainment Co
JS Hotel Couture
Crown Tours
Sparsh Helpline (P) Ltd.
SNIA (World wide, India, Asia,
Singapur, Australia)
Tender News
India Mart
Jagdish Store
Client Testimonials
 "Customer service is better than any organization I've ever
dealt with.“ - Steve MacDonald of Camden Anglican in
 "Under no circumstances would I ever consider changing
web hosts.“ - George Strickland, Ph.D. of Directions to
 "I highly recommend that any church, any organization no
matter what your budget, use Shanti Ratan Information
Technology to build your website.“ - Paula Hawkins of
Church of the Epiphany in Guntersville, AL
 “Santosh and His Shanti Ratan Team Made my dream
live...Thanks Santosh, Thanks Shanti Ratan Team" - Brian
Mccraw, PC Auto Brokers
Get Shanti Ratan’ Power
 With Shanti Ratan give your business the abilities that
are not possessed by your competitors.
 That's why we aim at providing highest quality of
service in every phase of relationship with our
customers, from initial contact to follow up support.
 We focus all our work not only on developing and
maintaining the products and services, but rather on
building long term relationships.
 The team of purposeful and experienced colleagues
works hard to extract maximum performance from
modern information Technology.
A Prefect Blend Of Technology & innovation