Great Lakes Fund Solutions, Inc.

Great Lakes Fund Solutions
Web-Based A.I. Fund Admin. Software &
Outsourced Back-Office /Transfer Agency Services
A Visionary History
1982 – Software for Public Funds (DPPs)
1999 – Web-based, Front-end User Interface
2006 – Expanded to Private Funds (Reg. D)
2011 - Mark Lancaster appointed President of Marcal
Systems Corp.
2012 – Name change to Great Lakes Fund Solutions. REIT,
Oil & Gas Product Launch. Web Portal Build.
• 2013 – eSuperior Launch –
Software for Self Admin.
Application Service Provider creating financial services
software for the alternative funds industry.
eSuperior is our hosted, cloud-based SaaS for the Direct
Participation Program industry.
We customize Back-Office Outsourcing Solutions using the
eSuperior system. Options include: sales literature
fulfillment, investor serving, mail room, accounting and
call center management.
We customize eSuperior for clients and integrate the
system with other software, including
CRM systems, compliance, due
diligence and other software.
Mark Lancaster, President
- Bank of New York – 14 years
- Fortis Prime Fund Solutions
- DTCC – Head of AIP Initiative. DPP focus
Robert McLamore, Chief Operating Officer
Tom Lamm, Director of IT
Adam Alesandro, Senior IT and Accounting Consultant
Supported Services
Database Management and Reporting: fund, investor,
broker and custodian. Commissions. Tax allocations.
Sales Material Fulfillment: Storage, Assembly, Discount
Shipping Rates and Sales Reporting.
Investor Services: Operations & Call Center.
Communication Diversity: Diverse Reporting, Mailing,
Web Portal, Point-to-Point Data Transfer, FanMail/Vision
Customized Portal: Investor, Advisor and Sponsor tiered
PPM Compliance: a second set of eyes
Investor-Suitability: double-check
Accredited Investor Credentials Tracking (dev)
Trade Blotter Generation for B/Ds (dev)
Blue Sky: state limit tracking & reporting
AML: processing & reporting
eSuperior Demonstration
Cloud Database – Available anywhere there’s an
internet connection. Improved disaster recovery.
Vastly superior to spreadsheets.
Web-based front end facilitates efficient
processing from multiple locations.
Web-based back end improves communication
with investors, advisors, selling agents and service
eSuperior – You can exit the software development
business and enjoy reduced costs, robust system
capability, universal access, unlimited scalability,
exemplary data security and improved disaster recovery.
Great Lakes Outsourcing – Convert your Fixed Staffing
Costs to Variable and Stick to your Core Mission.
Adjust the Service Scope as Needed.
Investor Services Expertise. Intimate
Systems Knowledge. Reduce
Fulfillment Expense.