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Fasset Update

Latest Trends in Recruitment and Selection

July 011

Pivotal Programmes & Grants

• Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic (PIVOTAL)

• Provides a full occupationally ‐ directed qualification e.g. degree, diploma, learnership, internships. Not a short course or seminar

• Claim a maximum of 10% of the SDL

• Other Fasset grants also focused on pivotal programmes.

• Pivotal Grant not finalised by 30 June, comments on the grant regulations have been submitted to DHET and under consideration.

• Deadline date for Mandatory Grant passed on 30 June

• No Fasset Skills Advisor Assistance provided this year. Impact?

Scarce Skills

• Positions that remain unfilled for prolonged periods of time

• People required to fill ongoing employment vacancies

• 79% professional occupations

• Examples include: trainee accountants and auditors, bookkeepers, accounting technicians, general accountants, financial officers, supply chain professionals

Incoming Grants Deadlines

Mandatory Grant 30 June 2012

Strategic Cash Grant 1 March 2012

Pivotal Grant 1 March 2012

Learnership Cash Grant 1 March 2012

Small Medium and Micro Enterprises Grant 1 March 2012

Assessor and Moderator Grant 1 March 2012

LCG 2011

• SDL and NLP payers

• Small and medium employers

• Black and people with disabilities

• Commenced and completed in 2011 calendar year

• Fasset and other selected learnerships

• No evidence required, Fasset will confirm on system

• Applicant to ensure Professional Body submits learner info to Fasset

• 10 learners per employer, Entry and Exit grant

• Grant depends on length of programme, tariff scheme to be applied

• Grant due on 1 March 2012

SCG 2011

• Strategic Cash Grant

• Expenses to a maximum value of 20% of SDL

• White women acceptable for certain criteria

• MS Excel format required and subject to capping

• Schedule of tariffs must be applied

• 4 criteria: learnerships, academic and professional study, qualityassured workplace experience and workplace experience for unemployed learners from a tertiary education institution

SMME Grant 2011

• Amount will be limited to R11,000 per five employees

• Forms employing fewer than 50 people

• White women acceptable for senior courses

• No learnerships, structured courses only. No short courses

• Currently undersubscribed


1 – 5


– 10


– 15

16 – 20


– 25

26 – 30

31 – 35


– 40

41 – 45


– 49


R 11,000

R 22,000

R 33,000

R 44,000

R 55,000

R 66,000

R 77,000

R 88,000

R 99,000

R 110,000

AMG 2010

• Assessor and Moderator Grant

• Reimburse cost of training

• Assessor / moderator to register against Fasset qualification

• Assessor requires approval of registration (from the relevant professional body or Seta)

• Applicable to all population groups

Lifelong Learning

Recruitment and Selection

Labour Law Update

Companies Act

Performance Management

Influencing & Negotiating Skills

Budget and Tax Update 2012

Attendance certificates are available for download from Fasset website

Timetable subject to change

July 2011

August 2011

Sep 2011

October 2011

February 2012

March 2012

Development Projects

• To address the shortage of professionals in Fasset sector

• Training of learners in workplace readiness skills – including soft skills and technical financial skills

• Learners are black and/or disabled, and once employed by the company may be put forward for a Learnership Cash Grant (LCG)

• 70% placement minimum requirement

• Funded by Fasset with unclaimed levy money

Development Projects


• Black unemployed graduates in Gauteng with various qualifications

• Intensive 3 month Workplace Readiness Programme (theory and practical)

• Learners placed on learnerships / internships

• Mentorship offered for at least 6 months after the intervention

• Contact Avril Peddie (011) 678-2144


• Unemployed matriculants or those with incomplete qualifications

• Learners attain an Accounting Technician Certificate from the AAT

• Candidates receive work readiness training in Gauteng

• AAT learnership designed for completion within a year whilst working and studying

• Contact Robbie Knott (011) 466-3312


• Black unemployed finance graduates with BCom degrees or National Diplomas

• Offered in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and Western Cape

• Intensive 5 month Workplace Readiness Programme including training in a ‘virtual office’

• Contact Robbie Knott (011) 466-3312

Making Best Practise Count Awards 2011

• Distinguishing organisations that promote training and development in Fasset sector

• Deadline is 1 August 2011

• Categories:

 Best Practice in a large employer

 Best Practice in a medium employer

 Best Practice in a small employer

 Best Practice in a registered non-levy payer employer

Thank You

For more information please contact the

Fasset Call Centre on 086 101 0001 or visit www.fasset.org.za

Andre O’Callaghan

Andre has over 20 years experience as a senior HR professional in a variety of industries.

His roles in corporate environments include that of HR Director, HR Executive, Manager:

Strategy and Remuneration, Training Manager and Head: Training and Personnel Services.

Currently he is an independent consultant, and clients include: Financial Portfolio Managers

(FPM), AngloGold Ashanti, Debswana Diamond Company, Anglo American (Corporate),

Barclay’s Africa, LG Electronics SA and Nedcor. His consulting includes working in

Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

Andre has facilitated various Fasset workshops in the past: Organisational Values,

Emotional Intelligence, Latest Trends in Recruitment and Selection, Talent Management,

Performance Management and Building and Maintaining a Team. Andre completed an

Honours Degree in Counseling Psychology and an Honours Degree in Education. He is also a qualified and registered Psychometrist .