Lesson Plan Log Plan

I plan my lesson.
• Therefore, as a good, effective, and efficient
teacher, I must plan my lesson well, so that it
will result to my pupils’/students’ learning.
• In my lesson plan, I harmonize the Teacher’s
Guide and the Learner’s Materials.
• I plan my instruction as contained in my lesson
• The parts of my lesson are well-organized, from
Preparation to Presentation(Activity, Analysis or
Discussion, Abstraction or Generalization) to
Practice or Application, to Assessment, and to
• The parts of my instruction are all
aligned to the objectives of my lesson.
• The assessment or evaluation part is
congruent to the objectives.
• All the parts of the lesson are
related/connected and integrated.
• The direction of my instruction is
towards the attainment of the
objectives of the lesson.
• The iPlan Template is my guide in
creating and designing my
instruction as contained in my
Lesson Plan/Log Plan.
• I must always remember that
teaching is a process of organizing,
directing, and integrating all
elements of learning.
• These are the questions I must ask
myself now:
• How can I properly organize the parts of
my lesson?
• What is the direction of my lesson?
What are the learners expected to learn
in this lesson?
• How will I integrate all the parts of my
lesson, so that I can make the learners
• If I want my learners to learn, I must
learn how to plan my instruction well.
• I can only be a good teacher, if I can
make my pupils/students learn their
• I must realize and recognize that
effective and efficient teaching starts
with a well-planned Lesson Plan/Log
Plan… a plan that is focused on proper