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Request - Low Cost CATIA V5 Student Version
Name: Greg J. Cicio
Company: The Boeing Company
Version: V5R2 (All)
Function: CATIA V5 P1
DPC Name: ADM Training & Documentation
Type: Other
Impact: Low
Low Cost CATIA V5 Student
There are many Cad Companies
that give away versions of there
CAD systems like Cadvance(older
Version) and Unigraphics(Solid
Edge Origin)
Cad companies also offer big
discounts on their software like
MicroCadam has for Boeing
Employees 85% off.($299)
Student Discount on ProENGINEER 2000i at $299 &
AutoCAD 2000 at $379
I’m submitting a proposal for a
discount CATIA V5 student
version. Today college students in
Engineering programs use
AutoCad 2000 & Pro-E 2000i
(student Version) for their course
work. So when they come to
Boeing they have to be retrained
for CATIA. As a teacher for
CATIA & AutoCAD, I see how
difficult it is for students to go
from a flat 2D plane to 3D space
3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)
Why it is important to have a student version of CATIA V5
Why it is important to have a student version of CATIA V5
• There are many Cad Companies today that have discounts for College
• College students would promote CATIA to other Companies by showing
they now have CATIA skills besides AutoCAD & Pro-E
• It shows the real speed of hardware with CATIA V5 on a standard owner
PC rather than on server that becomes overloaded.
• Promote CATIA Top-Gun Contest Coast to Coast and have a Design
Contest for students to Promote CATIA V5 in the universities across the
• CATIA could be come a house name around universities for 3D
Modeling like AutoCAD in 2D Flat design.
• Open up different markets where they are using AutoCAD & Pro-E.
• Have students Beta test new version before hits the market.
• Other Cad Companies are catching up to CATIA 3D Modeling.(P/S see
CATIA job sites which have links to other CAD job sites)
4/8/2015 3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)
Request - Benefits of CATIA V5 Students Version (cont’d)
Benefits of CATIA V5 student Version
Students have a opportunity to master this industry-leading technology (CATIA)
before graduation. Therefore, they are better prepared to enter today’s
competitive job market.
Help create engineers and leaders of tomorrow with a CATIA background.
Students will be able to really understand how to solve engineering problems
with real world tools (CATIA).
A bigger pool of Engineers using CATIA for companies who need Engineers &
Designers to perform CATIA work(drafting to 3D Modeling).
Reduce crosstraining time with companies that are using CATIA V5.
Make CATIA more attractive for Companies who don’t use CATIA or CATIA
More students will get more practice and exercises in 3D modeling for Exact
Solid Modeling and Surface Modeling.
4/8/2015 3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)
Comments from Boeing CATIA users on student version
“Remember in 1995, Boeing almost switched to Pro-E from CATIA.
However Boeing would think twice before dropping CATIA if Boeing
Employees had changed to master CATIA V5 for home use.”(from Tooling
“Management doesn’t need to spend any part of there budget for a CATIA
workstation to provide some opportunities to practices and familiarize for
Boeing employees on CATIA software.”(from the B2 program)
“Promote the digital process by learning, comprehending and mastering the
application with the software(V5 CATIA & VPM). We need to have access
to CATIA V5 at home. Nobody in the world today should be hired by our
company without a CAD/CAM/CAI background, education or
experience.”(CAD/CAM Procurement Quality Assurance Group)
“I’m a leader in Tooling Engineering. I have taken Basic CATIA several
times. However if I don’t have the time to use it, I will lose the CATIA
skills. The home CATIA V5 software would be the ticket to keep up to speed
without retaking Basic CATIA several times.”(from Tooling Liaison
4/8/2015 3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)
CATIA Users are using different CAD systems at home
CATIA Users are using different CAD systems at home
• “I got the Helix 99 MicroCadam software and did the tutorials, I was
very impressed with the software and how relativily easy it is to use. I
also was pleased the price was less than $300. I also used a 3-D
modeling package called Rhino 3D, which is even easier to use than
Helix, although it does not have the 2D functionality Helix
has.”(Illustration, FAA & APC Approv)
• “I have many students are in the process of buying SolidWorks so they
can practice for Dynamic Sketcher that is in CATIA Version 4.9.”(Boeing Off-Hours Training)
• “To make a class demo(Overhead Slides) for CATIA classes I used
AutoCAD 14 because that is only system I have at home.”-”Boeing OffHours Training”
• “Many students who had difficulty to visionalizing of 3D Cad world
had to use different Cad system at Home in keep up in the Basic CATIA.
It was hard on them because CATIA was user unfriendly & system that
they had at home was user friendly.”(Off-Hours Training)
4/8/2015 3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)
Request Proposal for a CATIA V5 Student Version
Request a Proposal for a CATIA V5 students Version
College student version of CATIA V5 P1 or P2 costs about $299.00-399.00.
The CATIA V5 student version would be available to degree-seeking students,
faculty and staff. This product would be not be used for commerical,
professional and/or for-profit purposes. It would come with 2 or 4 years
subscription pending on years of the degree(BS degree take 4 years to
complete). Also it should the updated for newer versions so that if they get a job
that doesn’t use CATIA, they still can keep up their CATIA skills for a future
CATIA job.
Offer discount version of CATIA V5 P1 or P2 for Boeing Employees & other
companies employees who use CATIA.
4/8/2015 3:55:45 PM
ADM Trainining &Document DPC (Fall ‘99)