Webinar on “Dairy Project Finance” on December 17, 2013

Technical aspects of Dairy
Maharashtra RO
Structure of the sessions
• Technical aspects of dairy farming
• A case study on CB cow unit
Basics of livestock rearing
Problem of
Problem of
Problem of
Technical aspects of Dairy farming
Availability of good quality milch animals
Protection from inclement weather conditions
Farm equipments
Water and electricity supply
Feed and fodder resources
Breeding / veterinary facilities and management
of dairy farm
 Marketing potential and infrastructure
Good quality milch animals
Type of milch animals
Seasonality influences
Stage of lactation
Best time to purchase
Rationale for Purchasing animals in
 Average yield of milch animals
Good quality milch animals contd…
Lactation period and dry period
Lactation chart
Conception rate and calving interval
Mortality and replacement
Herd projection chart
Cost of milch animals
Insurance of milch animals
Dairy farm location and sheds
Location and protection of site
Various types of sheds
Space requirement – covered and open
Design of sheds and orientation
Civil structures other than sheds
Drawings and designs
Cost of construction
Dairy farm equipment
 General equipment:
 Feed and water troughs
 Milk pails, milk cans and chains
 Chaff cutters / fodder farm implements
 Specific equipment:
 Milking machines / milking parlours
 Cooling systems: sprinklers, foggers and fans etc.
 Bulk milk coolers
 Bore well, motors, storage tanks, pipelines,
generator etc.
 Cost estimates
Feed and fodder resources
 Different types of fodders
 Key input is concentrate feed
 Green fodder cultivation in case of
commercial farms
 Feed requirement for different stages of
lactation cycle
 Fodder requirement
 Prices of feed and fodders
Breeding and veterinary facilities
 Availability and Quality of services
 AI services for CB cow farms
 For commercial farms: availability and
hiring of veterinary doctors
 Management : Dairy framer experience or
hiring of professionals
 Availability of labour
 Cost of such services
Marketing potential and infrastructure
 Macro level marketing potential
 Demand and supply
 Milk processing infrastructure
 Milk pricing
 Micro level marketing facilities
Milk collection centers
Transparent procurement process
Quality maintenance at procurement centre
Milk routes and transportation facilities
Thank you
Dr. D. Ravindra
Asst. General Manager