WHAT is a Systems Implementer?

Safe Hands - What Do You
Look For In a System
Debra Lilley & Andy Seferta- Fujitsu
Andy Seferta
 Deep Public and Private Sector
Business Management
 Global Oracle capability lead
 Driver of Fujitsu EMEA and
Global Applications strategy
 Oracle Apps since 10.5 (14
Debra Lilley
 Oracle Alliance Director and
Fusion Champion for Fujitsu UK
& Ireland
 Oracle ACE Director, OCP &
Oracle Masters
 Oracle Apps since 9.4.1 (14
 Deputy Chair of UKOUG
 2008 Oracle Magazine Award
‘User Group Evangelist of the
What, Why, Where, When, How ?
 WHAT is a Systems Implementer (SI)?
 WHY do you need one?
 WHERE do you find one?
 WHEN do you engage?
 HOW do you work with an SI?
WHAT is a Systems Implementer?
 System Integrators (SIs) in Oracle PartnerNetwork provide customers
consulting, integration, and implementation services for Oracle-based
products and solutions. Oracle's SI partners—both the larger consulting
companies as well as smaller, specialized firms—bring business
process capabilities, industry experience, and solution and market
expertise that can help you deploy Oracle-based solutions, maximize
functionality, and rapidly achieve return on investment.
 Search the Oracle PartnerNetwork Solutions Catalog to find a System
Integrator Platinum Partner. Platinum is our highest membership level.
They are consistently demonstrating superior product knowledge,
technical expertise, and commitment to Oracle, and receive advanced
levels of service, training, benefits, and resources.
 http://www.oracle.com/us/partnerships/si/index.html
WHAT is a Systems Implementer?
System implementation efforts offer extraordinary challenges to
information technology professionals and the organizations
impacted by the implementations. A successful implementation
can reap vast rewards in organizational strengths and
efficiencies. A failure can drain an organization of people, funds
and vitality. Consequently, many people have puzzled over the
reasons for the successes and failures experienced with these
This paper examines these puzzlings and discovers that many answers
lie outside the bounds of technology. To be added definition
Colorado State University
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WHAT is a Systems Implementer?
“A system integrator is a firm with a
collection of highly specialized experts
that can augment or provide the end to
end services required to deploy a
technology solution. Offerings range
from planning to change management, to
technical configuration, to testing, to
technology selection.”
Ray Wang Analyst and Founder,
Insider Associates
WHY do you need one?
 Implementing ERP software is typically too complex for "inhouse" skill, so it is desirable and highly advised to hire outside
consultants who are professionally trained to implement these
 This is typically the most cost effective way.[2]
 There are three types of services that may be employed for Consulting, Customization, Support.[12]
 To implement ERP systems, companies often seek the help of
an ERP vendor or of third-party consulting companies. These
firms typically provide three areas of professional services:
consulting; customization; and support.
 The client organization can also employ independent program
management, business analysis, change management, and
UAT specialists to ensure their business requirements remain a
priority during implementation.
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WHY do you need one?
 Save costs
 Improve ROI
 Independent
 In-depth knowledge of
your business
 Focus on quick wins as
well as long-term
roadmap – a balance
WHY do you need one?
“This is a case of specialization. Most
organizations don't put in systems every
day and lack the expertise. SI's provide
expertise for hire based on multiple
projects, expertise, and specialization.”
Ray Wang Analyst and Founder,
Insider Associates
WHY do you need one?
“ Helped by the excellent ERP
Consultancy and knowledge
transfer provided by Fujitsu, the
new Oracle system has given
us the tools we need to
increase efficiency.”
“Fujitsu has a fantastic
Oracle knowledge that
is second to none, so
we didn’t have any
issues. As far as I’m
concerned, Fujitsu just
did it for us.”
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WHERE do you find one?
 Selection process
 Credibility
 Trusted Partner
 Culture
 Understand your
business - survey
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Selection - SI Characteristics
 System and Service Integrator – not a product focussed company
 Can offer an end to end Business solution using Oracle Applications
 A Business Change Programme – needs to be led
 An organisation who can prime the contract and engage and manage
the right partners – this may include Oracle
 Know how to manage Oracle as a supplier / partner via partnership
 Platform agnostic
 Commercially innovative and Competitively priced
 Global capability for Applications, Transformation, Service and
Business Change expertise
Recognition – From Oracle
Technology System Integrator of the Year 2009
David Callaghan, senior vice president, Oracle UK, Ireland and Israel
“These awards recognise the high-level of innovation, excellence and commitment our
partners offer when they become specialised with Oracle. Fujitsu has a proven track
record in delivering winning, proven solutions that solve customers’ most critical
business challenges. All award winners are partners that have demonstrated tangible
success, growth in their Oracle business and outstanding Oracle solutions.“
Recognition from Customers
Over 1000 customers voting for partners for the UK
& Ireland Oracle User Group awards.
“The awards show that Fujitsu’s long, global
partnership with Oracle is continuing to deliver
benefits for our customers across private and
public sectors. It also gives clear reassurance
from the market that the company’s ongoing
strategy is hitting the mark with customers.”
Andy Seferta, head of European Oracle Practice
Fujitsu UK and Ireland
Trusted Partner
“Following an extensive tender
process the Environment
Agency chose to work with
Fujitsu because it was a
company that could safely
deliver and manage this
“We chose to work with
Fujitsu as they took the time
and effort to really
understand what we were
trying to achieve.
Importantly, Fujitsu also had
a great deal of confidence in,
and knowledge of, the
product. They were also
convinced that we could
achieve a smooth transition”
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Understanding Your Business
 Industry Specialist
 Technology Specialist
“It is a real pleasure to work
again with Fujitsu on this survey
and having back-to-back results
to compare user attitudes yearon-year is very useful. The
results are very interesting and
reflect many anecdotal
conversations we have with our
 Active in your User
Ronan Miles, UKOUG
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WHEN do you engage?
“Engage sometime during the
vendor selection process. Tap
into their expertise early as part
of the planning phase.”
Ray Wang Analyst and Founder,
Insider Associates
WHEN do you engage?
 Long term
“Fujitsu implemented our original Oracle Financials system
more than ten years ago and has been supporting it ever
since, so we have a long-standing relationship that works
really, really well. We feel very valued as a customer and I
believe we’re really working in partnership at all
management and operational levels.”
 Versus Short term?
“However, if you’ve not had any direct
involvement in the process, the problem
then is how do you support it? So, we
said that as a large organisation we
have the resources to implement and
the system, but what we don’t have is
the detailed knowledge – all the tips and
tricks that you gain from years of
implementing and using a system. So
that’s what we decided to buy!”
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WHEN do you engage?
 Keeping engaging
versus Bring in where
 Ensuring best value for
 One prime versus
Specialist Inputs
HOW do you work with an SI?
 Contractual but
relevant to
business drivers
 Flexibility
 When things go
 Partnerships
 Innovation
“You’ve got to have partners who will genuinely
play as an extended part of your team and work
together, which Fujitsu did admirably. Fujitsu
offered us the reassurance of service all the way
through, taking our issues seriously, resolving
problems and making sure that the systems
worked and stayed working, whatever the change
in workloads or requirements.”
“With Fujitsu’s help we have
proved that a shared services
approach is not a myth. It can exist
and does enable business change…
it’s a win, win, win.”
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When things go wrong
“This has been an extremely rewarding project to be
involved in for all concerned. Yes there have been
testing times for all of us but the key point is that it is
been a true partnership for the client and Fujitsu working
together to get the job done. Trust and collaboration
were a key part of the project to enable us to meet all
the tight deadlines. As the project moved forward we all
had to solve various problems and it was very refreshing
to do this alongside the customer rather than in a silo.”
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“Key to the programme’s success was good
governance and a proven methodology, ensuring that
there was clear accountability and transparency. And
that enabled strong leadership and business ownership,
the ability to make tough decisions and trust between
all partners. There was also the drive, determination
and real collaboration between us and Fujitsu to make
it happen. So the business owned the programme, but
the programme drove the business to deliver, on time
and to budget.”
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"Really good project management, the
dedication and perseverance of
colleagues across all partners were
key to its successful implementation”
“Fujitsu acted as the main
point of contact for the
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Innovation examples
 Oracle Business Accelerators
 Asset Maintenance
 Letters
 Deepen contact centre
“The cost-effective Fujitsu
solution had more technical
credibility and, to Fujitsu’s
advantage, has had great
success with several other
local government authorities.”
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Floodline Warnings Direct
Five million people, in over two million properties, now
live in flood risk areas in England and Wales. However,
to the government’s ‘Foresight Future Flooding’ report
climate change will increase the risk of flooding in the
UK by 20 times, which will more than double the number
of people at a high risk from flooding.
Fujitsu won three contracts with the Environment Agency spanning the full lifecycle of the
Floodline Warnings Direct (FWD) application, including consultancy and design, application
development and deployment and finally the provision of a fully managed service for both
the application and the supporting infrastructure. Hosted and managed in Fujitsu
datacentres, the FWD application enables the Environment Agency to determine target
areas for pre-defined warning messages. On receiving information of a potential severe
weather situation, the Environment Agency can now utilise FWD’s advanced mapping and
location information to accurately identify people at risk of potential flooding.
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 Be clear on WHAT you want from the SI
 Identify WHY this SI is right for you
 Ensure you know WHERE the SI can help
 Understand WHEN best to engage
 HOW you work with SI is critical
Find a partner you can TRUST
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