NAPA Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) Innovative Parts

Jett Kuntz
National Director
NAPA Integrated Business Solutions
Innovative Parts Solutions
Innovative Parts Solutions
How did NAPA/Genuine Parts Company get
started with IBS concept over 19 years ago?
Our customers came to us and asked what we
could do to help them to…
Manage their inventory
Reduce overall transaction costs/budget
Improve productivity
Innovative Parts Solutions
On-Site Inventory Management Program
• Customized to Fit Your Needs
– One location/multiple locations…
– On-site parts/supplies store…
– Inventory responsibility moves to us..
– You are our only customer…
– One parts bill end of each month…
Innovative Parts Solutions
Innovative Parts Solutions
Typical Fleet/Shop Inventory
Surplus and
Stockroom Inventory
with Demand
Innovative Parts Solutions
• NAPA IBS Supplies All Parts/Supplies
• Both NAPA and OE
• Also supply other needed items
•Tires, bulk fluids, services, safety office supplies, etc…
• Dedicated Parts Professionals
•The hours/days you need us
• Sourcing of Non-Stocked Products
•National Inventory Database
• Pickup, Delivery, Freight
• Coordinate All Paperwork/Input
Innovative Parts Solutions
Innovative Parts Solutions
Other NAPA IBS System Benefits
240+ VMI sites available for visits/reference
TAMS – Parts/Inventory Management
Dedicated product representation
Training – On-Site and On-Line
Dozens of sample RFPs
Software/Data Integration Available
Innovative Parts Solutions
• Fleet Management Systems Supported
– AssetWorks – FA/ Maximus M/M5
– CCG/Faster
– Dossier
Innovative Parts Solutions
Jett Kuntz
National Director - NAPA IBS
Phone: 770-612-2065
Cell: 770-855-2221
David Head
Rick Call
Fleet Director
County, CA
Santa Rosa
NAPA Auto Parts
Parts Challenges
Declining Fleet Size – Reduced Parts Sales Volume
Newer vehicles require higher technical skills
Older heavy equipment require broader knowledge
Salaries and Benefits Cost
Parts mark-up no longer competitive
Dead stock – Too much inventory
Mandatory budget cuts
• Evaluate competitiveness of Parts Operations
• Request for Proposal (RFP)
Ability to Perform
Inventory removal and restocking plan
Expertise – References
Acceptance of Contract Terms
Other Factors
• 30 RFPs sent out
• 3 responses
• Competitive Pricing
• Assume and Manage Inventory
• Delivery to primary maintenance facilities
• Delivery to Field Service Technicians
• OEM Parts
• Parts would cost 3.3% more than current price
• Staffing and Support reduction of $220,000
• Vendor Overhead $126,000 for the first year,
$114,000 in subsequent years
• Estimated First Year Savings $100,000
Actual Savings
• Parts Cost average is 6.7% less than pre-contract
10% less than bid prices
Filters – cost reduced by 32.4%
Brake Parts - cost reduced by 23.9%
Oils and Lubricants – cost reduced by 11.1%
Cost of parts reduced by $64,000
• Staffing and Support Reduction
– Staffing cost reduced by $220,000
• Parts Markup Reduced
From 31.2% to 11.6%
• Total Projected Savings - $240,000
Daily Benefits to the County
Better pricing than reflected in the RFP
Business partnership between County and SRAP
No bidding for special parts
Immediate processing of parts
Parts on demand, delivered as needed
Reduced employee supervision
Reduced administrative and clerical time
Reduced Parts Markup (31.2% to 11.6%)
One Invoice per month
Higher Level Benefits
• Better inventory control – no dead inventory
– SRAP is managing Inventory and parts ordering
Immediate adds and deletes from inventory
Inventory obsolescence is eliminated
Availability to $2M in parts within 30 minutes
Overnight availability to $15M in parts from
Sacramento Distribution Center
• Vendor can negotiate prices from OEMs and other
Higher Level Benefits
• More resources for tracking and ordering parts
– Several key people assigned to support the account
– Auto Parts/Truck Parts/Equipment Parts, Aftermarket and OEM
• Better follow-up on parts orders
• Parts delivery to shop or job site
• TAMS Computer system in both shops
– County staff can check inventory at all vendor stores
– Invoicing at point of sale to the County
• No core charges
Advantages to the Supplier
• Stable customer with regular annual parts volume
• Opened up new product lines
– Law enforcement vehicle up-fitting parts
– Oil and lubricants
– Tires
• Opened up possible new markets
– Other cities or agencies
Lessons Learned
Start-up Time is critical, Leave yourself plenty
Close the parts rooms during transition period
Test Bar-coding before you start
Once you start, all your procedures will need to be
• Keep your Technicians involved in the planning
and processes
• Communicate, Communicate, Communicate