Product Certification

Organized by:
Hong Kong Certification Centre
Speaker: Raymond Yue
Certification and Surveillance Manger
IRCA QMS auditor
財經透視 一片光明?
2013-10-20 18時00分
財經透視 一片光明?
2013-10-20 18時00分
LED Advantage
Light of the desired color
Turn on instantly
Solid epoxy lens case , non destructive
No sudden burn out but …. dimming
Long life span長效能
Product conformity certification scheme for
LED lighting products, HKEIA
Scheme owner – HK Electronics Industries
Association (HKEIA), a voluntary scheme
in Hong Kong
Scheme open to : government bodies,
manufactures, retailers, users….
Current major users:,
Operate under
ISO/IEC 67-System 5 certification module
Product certification system
ISO/IEC Guide 67 - System 5 of product certification system
Initial testing
Surveillance for every
production process and
quality system
12 months samples
from open market or
supplier’s stock or both
生產 與品質系統評估
+ -市場 /工廠取得樣品
Certification Scheme for LED Lighting
Three technical Criteria covered
• Safety
IEC 60598-1 Luminaires -General safety
IEC62471 Photobiological safety
CISPR 15 / EN 55015
IEC 61000-3-2
IEC 61000-3-3
Surge immunity test
IES LM-79,IES LM-80, and IES TM -21, Thermal test
Certification Scheme for LED Lighting
Surveillance assessment  once 12 month
consists of the assessment of the production process, QMS
testing of samples from the factory or the open market, or
1. Ensure production process in consistency manner
2. Ensure correct and consistent use of certified components
materials, construction , etc.
3. Measurement on lighting output, color temperature, color
rendering index and output lumen (IES LM-79)
4. Continuous conformity持續符合性
Certification Scheme for LED Lighting
Product Scope in the Scheme :
LED Bulk-head
LED Down light
LED Flood light
Enemy of all LEDs
• LED (semiconductor diodes, electronic devices that
permit current to flow in only one direction, the p-n
junction temperature)
• The majority of LED failures are caused by excessive
or long-term high temperature. Elevated junction
temperatures can cause a reduction in light output,
degradation of chromaticity 色 度 , performance, life
expectancy, and reliability
• Enemy of all LEDs – Heat
Drive current If
• Operating LEDs at higher than recommended
rated currents, the long-term performance of
degradation (lumen maintenance )by creating
higher junction temperature
Overdriving impact on lumen maintenance
(2003, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute )
Drive current If
• As the forward current is reduced (red line
progressing to the blue line), the light output
of an LED increase (If= forward current)
The relationship between forward voltage and current of LEDs
Junction temperature
Doubling the junction temperature of an LED from 75C to 150C can shorten its life
by 73%. Elevated operating temperatures will reduce the light output for a given
forward current and operating ambient temperatures
(courtsey of CREE)
Typical LED package
Rthermal j-air
thermal resistance
between the
junction and
Mathematical Model
Tj = TA + (Rthermal j-a Pd)
Tj = Junction temperature (°C)
TA = Ambient temperature (°C)
Rthermal j-air = Thermal resistance between the LED junction
and ambient = Tc + Tb + Tth (°C/W)
Pd = Power dissipated by LED = Forward voltage
x Forward current (Vf x If)
Junction temperature
• Cooler LEDs produce more light than hotter
• Use recommended package through data
• Airflow
• Thermal management is able to control the
junction temperature
Certification Scheme for LED Lighting
- Performance requirement-
Thermal test at 40C and humidity at 98%
temperature measurement on:
(a) LED junction within the module or array
(b) Casing temperature of the LED driver
Product Certification產品認證
Product certification is an activity by which a
third party gives written assurance that a
product(including process and service) fulfils
ISO/IEC guide 67:2004
specified requirements.
鏗鏘集 識食有機 2013- 6- 17 @13.07@18.50
HKCC_協助建立信心產品 (-香港
Endorsement of manufacture-ability:
of the product maintainability, construction,
material and component use such that
the quality of the product based on
internationally established standards ISO
HKCC-協助建立信心產品 (-香港
Product differentiation will stand out:
•Acceptance by the market and contribution to achieve
national legal compliance, and regional/international
trade obligations - ISO Regional workshop on Certification, India 2004
•Bears out those societal significant concerns e.g.
safety, health or environmental protection- ISO/IEC Guide 67:2004
鏗鏘集 識食有機
2013- 6- 17
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