IFS ECS Paneermeel - De Korrel Beheer


Herewith the certification body

ISACert B.V.

Celsiusstraat 42

6716 BZ Ede

The Netherlands being an ISO/IEC Guide 65 (future ISO/IEC 17065-norm)-accredited certification body for IFS certification and having signed an agreement with the IFS owner, confirms that the processing activities of

ECS Paneermeel Industrie B.V. (eigendom van De Korrel

Beheer B.V.)

COID: 41230

Damweg 53


THE NETHERLANDS for the audit scope: The production (baking, drying, granulating) and packing (PE, big bags, bulk) of breadcrumps.

Product scope(s) and technology scope(s): 10, F meet the requirements set out in the

IFS Food

Version 6, January 2012 at Higher level with a score of 96.85%

IFS-IS 148755 Certificate – register number:

Audit date:

Date of issue of certificate:

Certificate valid until:

Next audit to be performed in time



31-07-2015 period 8 weeks before and 2 weeks after: 05-06-2015

For ISACert B.V.

Angelie Jansen

Certification Manager

This certificate remains the property of ISACert B.V., P.O. Box 8006,

NL-6710 AA Ede, The Netherlands

For verification of validity,

+31 (0)318 658 750 or info@isacert.com