Advanced Motor Technologies Offer Significant Energy Savings

75 years of excellence
Advanced Motor Technologies
Next Steps -----------------Commercial Building System Efficiency
Rob Boteler
Nidec Motor Corporation
Representing NEMA
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
75 years of excellence
Electric Motors Used in Residential and
Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems
Existing motors used are primarily AC induction
Induction motors provide low initial cost, high
reliability but are not very efficient when
compared to recent motor advancements
[ECM] electronically commutated motor
Market transformation
75 years of excellence
Energy Efficient
ECM Motors
Fractional HP
Integral HP
Clean Rooms
Food Processing
Food Service
Office Buildings
Military Bases
75 years of excellence
Electronically Commutated Motor
The ECM motor is a brushless DC, Three - phase motor with a
permanent magnet rotor. Motor phases are sequentially energized by the
electronic control, powered from a single-phase supply.
Input power supply 120, 240 or 460 VAC
Motor control converts AC power to DC power
Motor control determines speed and torque required for programmed
Motor control converts DC power back to three-phase power for motor
75 years of excellence
Electronically Commutated Motor
Controllability and Programmability optimize
system efficiency integrating with other
Very High System Efficiency Over a Wide
Operating Range
Soft ramp up to speed and ramp down
For Constant CFM units, in restricted system,
may pull more watts than PSC to overcome
static load.
75 years of excellence
ECM Motors Consume 15 – 20% LESS Energy
Over 20% Savings in Energy Consumption
at Slower Operating Speeds
*Wattage=((746*Horsepower)/% Efficient), 80% Efficiency for ECM, 62% Efficiency for a PSC
75 years of excellence
Programming Tool Provides Motor and Load System Parameters
Programming Tool Capabilities
 User Friendly PC Interface
 Programming Initiated With
Barcode Scanning
 Log File For Programming
Traceability on each Motor
 Auto Label Generation
 Hardware Designed For
Commercial Building Needs
75 years of excellence
Greater Efficiency Increases Initial Cost
80% Efficiency
80% Efficiency
4 Wire
80%+ Efficiency
Premium Efficient
70% Efficiency
4 Wire Attributes
Permanent Split
Capacitor (PSC)
Highest efficiency offering
Communication technology
Faster set up and installation
Precise air flow control
60% Efficiency
Induction Discrete Speed
BPM - Variable Speed
75 years of excellence
How Can We Benefit From Advanced Motor
OEM’s [ original equipment manufactures] are now using
ECM motors to meet increased SEER standards
ECM motors allow the OEM to integrate precise speed
control into the equipment optimizing system efficiency
and comfort
ECM motors can also be a retrofit to existing HVAC
systems providing significant reductions in energy use
and GHGs emissions
ECM retrofits require professional installation contractors
and additional controls
75 years of excellence
User Friendly Software Tools Simplifies
OEM Use of ECM
Motor Interface
Reduces OEM System Characterization Time By 80%
PC Capable Only (Windows 98/NT/2000 Compatible)
Diagnostic / Traceability Of Unit
Calculates The Constant CFM System Coefficients
Profile Interface
Develops Motor Profile Messages For Any System Profile
Can Be Used To Test For System Issues
Furnace or
Air Handler
75 years of excellence
How could we accelerate ECM retrofit-fit
adoption rates which save energy?
Federal incentives
Tax credits
Utility rebates
Federal facilities mandate
Executive order?
Marketing initiatives?