Managing and controlling your distribution

The effective, technology driven partnership
delivering proven sales results.
Your challenge
About us
What we have delivered – some case studies
What we will deliver for you
Commercial requirements
Next steps
Your challenge
Your challenge
Difficult European economic conditions, rates pressure, budgets squeezed, limited or inconsistent
Tour operators….
Directional selling by major T/O brands, creation of competitive hotel product, limited or inconsistent
conversion – your distribution partners are becoming competitors
Bed banks & OTA’s….
Commoditising your product and brand
Flash sales….
Only offer irregular and inconsistent access to market
Your marketing budgets….
Are finite and allow for only limited activity in each source market
Consumers want….
Trusted, secure and financially protected holiday packages
About Us
About Us
A unique combination of skills and resources
Your Hotel
Booking and
Experienced Sales
& Marketing Team
About Us
A unique combination of skills and resources
Your Hotel
Brand and reputation
Great rooms, restaurants, pools, spa, leisure facilities……
Service excellence and a great customer experience
Substantial investment
Effective Sales & Marketing
Design, develop & launch a bespoke, feature rich website
Invest in marketing activity to optimise website exposure and relevance
Ensure that SEO and PPC are managed effectively with cost effective ROI
Responsive, quick to react, experienced, agile, knowledgeable
Travel industry professionals
About Us
A unique combination of skills and resources
Your Hotel
 Cloud based suite of travel
technology products
 Proven scalable platform – in
excess of 1,000 000
transactions per month
 Delivers proven competitive
 Integrates with
 Flexible, efficient, advanced
 Experienced and
knowledgeable staff
 Direct contracts with selected
properties worldwide
 Finalist – Travelweekly Most
Innovative Agency
 Finalist – Travelweekly
Homeworker of the Year
 24/7 emergency client support
 Fully ABTA and ATOL bonded
 Beneficial payment terms
 Agents success is dependent
 In resort representatives
on client satisfaction – no
(selected resorts)
 Transfer arrangements
worldwide (Transfers4Travel)
directional selling
 Personal service, extended
About Us
Total revenues generated for our hotel partners
Total Sales
Total Sales
Total Sales
Total Sales
What we have delivered
What we have delivered
Purpose built resort
Sani Case Study
Booking totals
Total Room Nights Booked 22334
Total Room Nights Booked 17653
Total Room Nights Booked 16238
Total Room Nights Booked 7753
What we have delivered
Family hotel chain
Cordial Case Study
Booking totals
Total Room Nights Booked 21567
Total Room Nights Booked 15096
Total Room Nights Booked 7691
What we have delivered
Immediate response, agile marketing
Current Campaign Case Study
Business issue
Difficult European economic conditions, rates pressure from traditional routes to market, consumer budgets
squeezed, inability to directly
chosen markets
cost effectively.
Agreed action
Establish and develop a ‘brand proposition website’ initially for the UK and Irish markets, but positioned to
expand subsequently into France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia.
To develop an effective web proposition with an appropriate luxury feel, in-keeping with the hotel’s own
‘look and feel’. Use proven and reliable fulfillment processes to provide immediate sales delivery focused on
‘least-sold stock’.
Press interest, trade engagement following from consumer demand. Real time - instant and long term
benefits and developed brand awareness within the first year. Delivering volume sales independently from
traditional trade routes whilst increasing demand from those traditional routes as a result of enhanced
brand awareness in the target marketplace.
What we have delivered
The power of social media
Active Social Media Management delivers high levels of client interaction
– including in resort
What we have delivered
What our partners say
“We are very pleased having the chance to cooperate with ‘Your Hotel Integration’, a very dynamic and innovative
Tour Operator” Sotiris Manolitsas, General Manager, Pilot Beach Resort
“‘Your Hotel Integration’ has been a strategic partner for our hotel group during the past four years. Our
relationship is built on mutual trust and interest and we plan to continue our partnership in the years to follow.”
Manos Vatzolas, Sales & Marketing Manager, Domes of Elounda Resort
“In ‘Your Hotel Integration’ we have found a young, professional, reliable, dynamic and proactive team which has
helped us to market our product through new channels in the important UK & Ireland markets. We are really glad
we met these guys.” Nicolás Villalobos, General Manager, Cordial Canarias Hotels & Resorts
“Sani Resort has worked with Your Hotel Integration for over 5 years now and they have been providing us with
technology and mainly commercial, marketing and fulfillment services. We started a conservative cooperation at
first and then saw it grow by 900% and becoming what it is today: 35% of our UK Market production.
The UK, being the biggest market in a resort that already enjoys 96% occupancy and high rates is a big
responsibility and they are handling this very responsibly and efficiently. Their team and therefore services are
consisted of knowledgeable and dynamic individuals that have always been capable of handling all challenges that
our dynamic market poses.
We are quite a demanding partner as well and our long experience in the tourism industry would have it no other
way”. Antonis Avdelas, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sani Resort
What we will deliver for you
What we will deliver for you
Our focus
Building your brand
Proven marketing team
 Marketing focused exclusively on developing and
reinforcing your brand and reputation in the UK market
 Invest in marketing activity to optimise website
exposure and relevance
 Launch and improve a high quality, feature rich,
bookable website
 Ensure that SEO and PPC are managed effectively with
cost effective ROI
 Consistent multi channel marketing across all channels
– web, social media, email, mass media promotions
 Responsive, quick to react, experienced, knowledgeable
Customer service and fulfillment
Targeted selling
 Train all sales staff comprehensively
 Activity focused on aggressively marketing and
selling targeted dates to support high season sales
 Deliver best in breed customer service
 Recruit in resort representatives (selected regions)
 Fully bonded and protected to provide client
 7 days a week – open extended hours
 Travel industry professionals
 Selling in advance – active early promotion giving
you great visibility of booking patterns (Sani Hotels –
3000+ bed-nights already booked for 2013)
What we will deliver for you
A comprehensive and proven programme to grow your sales
Your Hotel Integration creates an individually designed, bespoke and feature rich website consistent with
your brand and look and feel
Unique content is written by our in house experts supported by your supplied images/videos
Integrated on-line booking capability – flights+hotels+transfers
Customer reviews – real reviews from real clients
Active Social Media management (facebook, twitter) – offers promotion, news items, weather highlights
Integrated on-line booking supplemented by extensive UK sales team – dedicated freephone number, extended
hours, fully product trained
PPC and SEO campaigns managed, monitored and continuously improved by Your Hotel Integration Marketing
Inclusion in media promotional campaigns (travelzoo, dealchecker) regularly reaching up to 10 million UK
holidaymakers per week.
Targeted PR activity supporting your brand
Mobile website offering – in development
Customer mailings – regular mailings to c.50k Your Hotel Integration existing holiday customers
Establish direct relationships between your senior managers and Your Hotel Integration Marketing team –
working together
Germany, Scandinavia and France distribution targeted for 2013
What you must do for us
Your commitment to Your Hotel Integration
Contract with Your Hotel Integration at your “best” tour operator rates. We don’t ask for better rates than
your other partners but need to ensure our holiday prices are competitive.
Mandate a minimum agreed “mark up” across all partners and police agreements fully and effectively
Access to occasional and/or exclusive offers. Your Hotel Integration works with you to generate targeted
sales at key periods
and preferential deals from time to time are both very effective and support our
extensive marketing activities – example offers include early booking offers/spa treatments included/room
upgrades/ board upgrades.
Minimum 3 year marketing agreement – all source markets
Allocate a senior manager (with decision making authority) as the key contact with Your Hotel Integration –
our experience is that
regular communication and developing a strong mutual relationship pays dividends
Support sales team product training. The better our sales teams know the property and the product, the
easier it is to convert sales. Product training can be carried out by UK representation, face to face sessions with
hotel teams, conference call or resort visit.
Supply assets for the website design and development – images, videos, 360 degree tours, logo references,
any brand guidelines, colour references etc.
Commercial requirements
Commercial requirements
Contract and rate agreement
Rate agreement (best tour operator rates), health and safety documentation and trading contract.
Website creation
Domain name acquisition, website design and development, content creation, website hosting and
infrastructure set-up.
Marketing agreement
A non exclusive 5 year contract with a 3 year term across all source markets. Approval of domain name
purchase using your brand e.g.
Marketing funds (To be agreed)
We will agree a turnover based marketing contribution from you based on hitting pre-defined sales
thresholds. Marketing funds are only due when sales targets are hit and are in addition to marketing
activity funded solely by Your Hotel Integration.
Next steps
Agree and complete commercial requirements
Sign letter of engagement…
…make it happen
The effective, technology driven partnership
delivering proven sales results.