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College Relations and Communications
College of Ag Sciences
Our Land-Grant Mission
Education—A Reputation for Excellence
Extension—Trusted, Relevant, Timely
Research—Science-Based Solutions
Stakeholder Groups—Support for Our College
College Relations and Communications
Our Land-Grant Mission
To create, analyze, and share knowledge
that improves the lives of people in
Pennsylvania, the nation and the world
College Relations and Communications
Our Land-Grant Mission
Signed into law by President Lincoln in 1862, the Morrill Act
established the land-grant system to meet the growing
demand for agricultural and technical education in the United
states. It was later supplemented by the Hatch Act of 1887
and the Smith-Lever Act of 1914.
College Relations and Communications
Our Land-Grant Mission
As Pennsylvania’s only land-grant university, Penn State
influences millions of lives across the Commonwealth and
• Accessible and affordable education for
undergraduate and graduate students
• A national system of agricultural research stations
• A national cooperative extension service that
disseminates science-based knowledge into every
College Relations and Communications
A Strong Tradition
The first of the colleges established at Penn State, the
College of Agricultural Sciences:
• Awarded the nation’s first baccalaureate degrees
in agriculture in 1861.
• Consists of 9 academic units and 67 cooperative
extension offices, one in each of Pennsylvania’s
College Relations and Communications
Education—A Reputation for Excellence
Training the next generation of scientists, business
leaders, and civic and community leaders
• Our current enrollment of approximately 3,000 students study
nature and science, environment and research, and engineering
and leadership along with agriculture-specific topics.
• Our reputation for educational excellence in dairy and animal
sciences, food safety, and landscape contracting is legendary—
serving as national models.
College Relations and Communications
for the Future
Our programs cover
a broad range of
needs in food and
fiber systems,
natural resources
and environmental
stewardship, and the
improvement of
economic and social
College Relations and Communications
Our students can
choose from nineteen
majors, four two-year
programs, and
twenty-four minors,
and can begin their
education at any of
Penn State’s twentyfour campuses.
College Relations and Communications
students have the
opportunity to
expand their
experiences by
working with their
professors on a
variety of student
College Relations and Communications
Our facilities are as
unique as our fields of
study—our students
work in state-of the art
laboratories and
research farms and
utilize Pennsylvania’s
abundant streams,
forests, and wetlands
as outdoor living
College Relations and Communications
A World of Possibility
Unique resources and opportunities available to our
• $2 million in both merit and need-based scholarships
• Internship opportunities through an extensive internship
• Global perspective through international programs that
introduce them to innovative policies and practices in
other countries
• More than 30 clubs and student organizations geared
toward their professional interests
College Relations and Communications
Extension—Trusted, Relevant, Timely
For nearly one hundred
years, Penn State
Extension has been
translating cutting-edge
University research into
practical knowledge to
help Pennsylvanians.
College Relations and Communications
Penn State Extension
• Funded by the U.S. Dept. of Ag and state and county
• Delivers Penn State expertise directly to your
community to assess and address the social,
educational, and physical needs of the citizens
throughout the state
• Collaborates with individuals, organizations, agencies,
and local governments to ensure the info we deliver
to your community is timely, relevant, and useful
College Relations and Communications
Research—Science-Based Solutions
Driven by our founding
land-grant mission, the
college invests more
than $97 million in
research and graduate
study yearly.
College Relations and Communications
Research—Science-Based Solutions
• Whether it’s investigating the collapse of honey bee
colonies or developing energy for the future, research
in the college addresses both near-term and longterm issues.
• Our current research priorities include issues of
environmental balance and sustainability, bioenergy,
food safety, and pest prediction.
• Our long-established expertise in animal health,
reproductive biology, and specialty crops continues to
grow and improve the foundations of agriculture.
College Relations and Communications
From the Classroom to the Field
The College of
Agricultural Sciences is
committed to providing
high-quality graduate
programs to train the
next generation of
academics and industry
and government
College Relations and Communications
Graduate Education
• Each year, the college enrolls nearly 600 graduate
students from all over the world in our 17
graduate program areas.
• We support more than 240 active student and
faculty research projects addressing the critical
issues of profitability, environmental impact,
youth development, health and safety, resource
utilization, conservation, and aesthetics.
College Relations and Communications
Research Facilities
From livestock and
domestic fowl facilities
and our three regional
specialty crop research
centers to our 13,800
acres of research
forests and farmland,
our researchers work in
a wide span of facilities
tailored to their focus
College Relations and Communications
Our Major Stakeholder Groups
• Penn State Ag Council—provides opportunities for
industry members to stay informed of college
activities and give their feedback.
• Penn State Extension Council—provides
opportunities for county-based stakeholders to
participate in college advisory and advocacy efforts.
• Ag Alumni Society—8,000 members strong, the
society provides programs for alumni of all ages and
keeps them actively connected to the college.
College Relations and Communications
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College Relations and Communications