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To do…
Sign up sheets and demo boards
What in the world is MPG and why join?
MPG Level 1 and 2
What’s Next?
Sign Up Sheets
• Fill out and pass around.
• There’s no commitment!
• This is just so we can get in touch and gauge
What in the world is MPG?
• MicroProcessinG – embedded systems hardware and
firmware group
• Student-led – we’re all here to learn together!
• Resources and support provided by Engenuics
• Started in 2000 at U of C
• Running in universities across Canada, and world-wide
What is Engenuics?
• Embedded systems training
company built on over a decade
of technical industry experience
and teaching/mentoring
• MPG is part of the foundation of
Engenuics and is run not-forprofit
MPG Mission
The mission of MPG is to
offer quality, hands-on
experience with guaranteed
value from learning industryapplicable information while
giving students the
opportunity to grow a strong
personal network.
Why join MPG?
Problems We Encounter as Students
(or at least perceptions)
1. Disinterest in courses – don’t feel they’re relevant to the
real world
2. Don’t know what we want to do when we finish our
3. Difficulty finding a job during or after school
4. Lack of industry connections
MPG as a Solution
1. Get to apply what we learn in many of our classes!
2. Can use this knowledge for 4th year design projects
3. Learn about one specific branch in engineering and whether or not
we’re interested in it
4. Gain confidence and skills as we get consistent exposure to
embedded systems used in industry
5. A number of companies in Calgary exclusively hire from MPG – as
MPG becomes established in other cities this will be the same
6. Many companies and engineers support MPG – we can connect
with them!
The Wonders of MPG
• Build a powerful network of
• Create equity
• Opportunities for personal
growth – this matters!
• Sense of accomplishment
• Chance to give back when you
enter the workforce
What’s it all about?
Long term success in Engineering has almost
nothing to do with technical work you do
every day.
It. Is. All. About. People.
It is critical to build relationships and equity.
Additional Bonus - Bursary Program
• $500 for every 50 people in MPG
• Let’s work our way up to this!
Now let’s get down to business!
MPG Hardware
MPG Level 1 Board
MPG Level 2 Board
Blinky Board Keychain
Soldering Competition Board
Surface Mount Soldering
MPG Level 1 – Low Level Programming and
Driver Development
What we’ll learn about
 Schematics
 Basic assembly and C programming
 Software development tools (IAR in particular)
 Driver development
At the end of the semester you will come away with an understanding of what
peripherals are needed to make embedded systems work, how those components
communicate with each other and what you can do with that basic knowledge.
MPG Level 2 – Application and User Interface
What we’ll learn
 The complete product development cycle
 Software development tools (IAR in particular)
 How to use application program interfaces (APIs)
 How to write a high-level application: Wireless Pong
 A problem-solving approach that can be applied to any other embedded system
At the end of the semester you will have a good understanding of how to use existing libraries to
make new applications on an embedded system.
*Note: MPG Level 1 is not a prerequisite for Level 2!
Soldering Competition
• Free soldering station prize (minimum 10 participants)
• Sound like fun!?
Schedule – Level 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Schedule – Level 2
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
So how do we make this work?
What you can expect
• The MPG leader/s to be prepared every week
• If we can’t answer a question in MPG, we will figure it out
and get back to you
• To learn a lot
• Potential industry connections
• To have fun!
What the MPG leader(s) need from you
The forms we passed out
A little bit of patience – we’re learning together
Ask questions
If you fall behind, let us know so we can help you catch up
Talk to your industry connections about MPG
• Email:
• Forums:
• Facebook:
• YouTube:
Be sure to check them out!
What now?
• Come to the next meeting where we’ll go over the development
• Think about whether or not you would like to order a board
• Connect with Engenuics
• Show up next week!
It’s up to you...
Thanks! Any questions?