Integrated Gas Projects in Australia

Integrated Gas
Projects in
Joe Marushack
President, Asia Pacific & Middle East
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About ConocoPhillips
 World largest independent exploration and production company
based on production and proved reserves
 Headquartered in Houston, operations and activities in 27 countries
 Approximately 18,400 employees worldwide
 Diverse exploration portfolio: conventional and unconventional
2013 Exploration Focus
Integrated Gas Projects in Australia
Offshore Gas &
Liquids to LNG
Bayu-Undan Field
to Darwin LNG Facility
Regulator of JPDA
Timor-Leste Government
Australian Government
Northern Territory Government
Joint Venture Partners
Coal Seam Gas
to LNG
Australia Pacific LNG
Australian Government
Queensland Government
Joint Venture Partners
Agricultural Interest Groups
Non-government Organizations
Community Partners
Canning Basin
Australian Government
Western Australian Government
Joint Venture Partners
Traditional Owners
1. Greater Poseidon
2. Barossa-Caldita
3. Greater Sunrise
Australian Government
Timor-Leste Government
Joint Venture Partners
Fishing Interest Groups
ConocoPhillips Australia and Timor-Leste
1995: Bayu-Undan discovery
1999: Bayu-Undan FID
2003: Darwin LNG FID
2004: Bayu-Undan first cargo
2006: Darwin LNG first cargo
2008: Enter Australia Pacific LNG
2011: APLNG Train 1 FID
2012: APLNG Train 2 FID
2015: APLNG Train 1 first cargo
2016: APLNG Train 2 first cargo
Exploration &
2005: Caldita discovery
2006: Barossa discovery
2009: Sunrise appraisal complete
2010: Greater Poseidon discoveries
2012: Enter Canning Basin
2014: Extensive drilling program
FID: Final Investment Decision
Australia’s Advantage
 Stable fiscal and
regulatory regime
 Close to LNG customers
 Skilled and experienced
 Some existing
 Abundant discovered
and proved resources
Source: WA Department of Mines & Petroleum and EnergyQuest (July 2013)
*Source: EIA World Shale Gas and Oil Resource Assessment 2013
Global LNG Market Balance (Source: PFC 2014)
 If all planned & speculative capacity is built, we may see a
potential for LNG oversupply (competitively affecting Australia)
 However, supply is expected to be constrained due to execution
risks and cost pressures
Australian Project Cost Challenge (Source: McKinsey 2013)
While Canadian costs seem too low, they are still likely to be lower
than Australian greenfield projects
Australian Projects Capital Cost Overruns
US$ billion
FID Estimate
2013 Estimate
* Pluto began production
30 April 2012
“While the industry, partners and governments have together delivered
more than $160 billion in committed LNG investment in Australia,
another $100 billion-plus in projects hangs in the balance"
Chevron Australia's managing director Roy Krzywosinski
Global Competitiveness 1997 to 2013
 Australia is ranked 16th, down from its best ranking in 2004
Has the Tide Turned for Future Mega-Investments?
Source: Wood Mackenzie, November 2013
Addressing the Cost Challenge: Brownfield Development
 Use of existing infrastructure reduces capital costs
 Leverages operations best practice e.g. experienced operator, skilled
workforce, existing construction and operator relationships
Examples: Darwin LNG and Australia Pacific LNG
 Darwin LNG
 Cost advantage of tying into
existing infrastructure
 Permitted for 10 MTPA
 Expansion land available
 Australia Pacific LNG
 Cost advantage of tying into existing
 Permitted for 18 MTPA
 Land available for 2 additional trains
 Leverage Operations Best
 Strong relationships with train
construction companies
 Experienced operator
ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade©
Potential to Unlock Stranded Gas
 Complement not replace
existing options
 One Australian project
committed: Shell’s Prelude
 Multiple projects considering
FLNG as a development option
 Opportunity to position
Australia as a global FLNG hub
 Center of excellence for operations,
maintenance, supply chain and
Reserves Do Not Equal Development
 Policy makers must think big
 Stable fiscal regimes attract global
 Sound regulation is vital
 Based on prudent scientific fact
 Remain open to innovative
technology such as FLNG
 Laws should promote investment
 Domestic gas reservation policies may
deter investment
Reserves Do Not Equal Development
 Industry must act responsibly
 Continuously improve safety and
environmental performance
 Continuously improve technologies,
processes and safeguards
 Better inform stakeholders about
facts and offer scientifically
accurate information
 Genuine engagement with
communities - open, honest and
 Commitment to local content to
deliver local capacity building and
economic participation
 Australia has delivered world class LNG projects
 Australia’s advantage
Close to LNG customers
Existing infrastructure
Highly experienced workforce
Abundant resources
 Challenged to remain cost competitive in a global marketplace
 Addressing challenges
 Brownfield developments
 Innovative technology – FLNG
 Investment decisions need certainty
 Stable fiscal settings
 Sound regulatory policy
 Industry must remain committed to transparency and sustainability
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