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Key Entities
What is CloudME?
Cloud Manufacturing Engineering
– CloudME – is the new generation
of a revolutionized NetApp
Operation global test platform
Site: CM’s site information in different locations
Identifier: Serial number
Test Station: Station on which the test is executed
Family: Family could be a model of the part no.s
Sequence: One pn & sn go under various sequences.
Operation: Collection of Sequences.
Process: Collection of Operations.
Execution Results: Test run level Results
Failure Results: Execution Results resulting in failure
Repair Action: The action required to fix the failure
Defect Code: Pre-defined id to which defect belongs.
Defect Category: Collection of defect code
Benefits of CloudME
Analytics & Reporting
The Reporting/Analytics will allow Test
Engineers (TE’s), Product Quality Engineers
(PQE’s) & Contract Manufacturers(CM’s) to
monitor statistics, improve quality, look into
trends, do quick test analysis, provide
information to users about CM’s performance
etc. which in turn would help business to
grow, be profitable and meet the test demand
of increasing NetApp product complexity.
Dashboard showing FPY, Failure Pareto, Defects Analysis
Dashboard showing Test Pareto, Defect detailed Analysis
Charts & Reports
Myself & Team
Myself Tarneet Singh, a Software Engineer, currently
pursuing my Master’s degree in Computer Science
(Data Science Specialization) from University of
Southern California (USC).
I have Work Experience of 3+ years. More about me:http://www.tarneetworks.com
With the successful launch/deployment of the
solution, the solution will be extended to the
other operational manufacturing teams.
Thanks to my Team for making my niche with
a strong foundation:
Business Processes
PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly):
PCBA confirms that the correct board level
components have been used in accordance to the
quality guidelines set by NetApp.
First Pass Yield (FPY) with +3sigma & -3Sigma
RIC (Regional Integration Center):
The Storage Business Process confirms that the
complete storage shelf has the correct components
according to Agile.
Cube Analysis - Edit, Customize, Analyze, Drill-Down, Slice
& Dice, Make your own cube.
Business Stakeholders: Chantal Faucher(Sr. Director),
Christopher Pham (Director& my Mentor) Xin Jiang
(Sr. Manager), Pankaj Vatsyayan (Manager).
Technical Stakeholder : Steeve Coulombe(CloudME
Architect), Vibhu Narang (Database Architect & my
CTO (Configure to Order):
The CTO Business Process confirms that a NetApp
system ordered through the NetApp Quote Tool is
properly assembled and configured the way the
customer ordered it.
Tablets & Phone Compatible
Success Metrics
Tech Learnt – Microsoft SSRS, SSAS, Tableau, C1.
Data Accuracy – 98%
Unclean Data Management – 2%
Achievements – 100%
CloudME Web Interface