PASEIA Update presentation at Quarterly Meeting July 30

MSEIA – 3rd Qrtly Mtg - 2014
Solar PV Systems and
Capacity Registered in the
PA AEPS – By State
PV Systems in operation as of 6/4/2014
SREC Status in PA
 PA SREC market still vastly oversupplied: Twice as much solar PV
capacity is registered in the PA AEPS than the SREC requirement as of
June, 2014
 ~ 44% of the total capacity of PV systems registered in the PA AEPS are
out of state projects
 After over two years, the average PA SREC price jumped from around
$15/SREC to ~ $55+/SREC by January 2014, and stayed at that price
until about two weeks ago, when Ohio’s RPS was frozen. The PA SREC
price dropped to about $45/SREC since and may continue to drop
PV Systems in operation as of 6/4/2014
Status in PA
 HB100/SB1171 (Vitali/Leach) still pending:
 Tier 1 - 8%  20%;
 Solar - 0.5%  1.5%
 Closing PA Borders
PASEIA doesn’t feel this is likely to pass
 PA PUC Proposed Rulemaking Order Officially Published in the PA
Bulletin on 7/5/2014, With Regard to Clarifying Rules on Net Metering,
Interconnection and the AEPS (30 days for comments)
PASEIA closely working with Net Metering Coalition including PennFuture,
Nat. SEIA, Sierra Club, Clean Air Council, Sustainable Development
Fund, SEF, MAREA, and others
Proposed Rulemaking Order Issues
 EDC/Default Service Providers (DSP) and implications
 Utility/Non-Utility definition
 Virtual Net Metering language (same customer generators, non-generation load)
 Changing Net Metering year from Jun 1 – May 31, to May 1 – Apr 30 (should be
calendar year)
 PUC giving themselves the authority to establish a fee
 110% language changes. Extension to residential customers, impact to 3rd party
 New application for >500 kW installs; EDC required to send application to PUC for
approval – up to 50 day timeline (too long); must not interrupt IC review timeline
 Dispute option under interconnection: PUC proposes to remove “technical master”;
PASEIA disagrees
 Require revenue grade meters for PV systems under 15 kW – PASEIA agrees
 PUC proposing to use a heavy hand with regard to suspending systems’ SREC
generation, due to fraud, etc.
EPA Listening Sessions
 Will be testifying in Pittsburgh, PA on August 1, regarding EPA’s proposed 111(d)
ruling; representing SEIA, MSEIA and PASEIA
On a Positive Note….
PASEIA is looking for common ground with utilities and
recently met with one of them to start the dialogue.
PASEIA acknowledged the utility's concern about lost
revenue due to net metering, but the utility was also
interested to learn more about the value of solar.
Further discussions on the topics are expected to