State of Place presentation by Brian Smedley

The State of
Atlanta, GA
May 1, 2014
A National Initiative of the
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
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Recent Successes and Congratulations
• The MLK Jr. Place Matters team played a significant role in the development
of an Equity Network Steering Committee that seeks to inculcate new
community leadership and particularly leadership that is community of color
• Boston Public Health Commission is working on developing a Quality
Improvement/Performance Management System.
• Prince George's County PM team has been named to the Prince George's
Food Equity Council and their main task is to sit on the Re-Zoning Taskforce.
• Congratulations, all of the NM teams have coordinators!
Recent Successes and Congratulations
• McKinley and Bernalillo have been funded for HIAs.
• The DCPM team has new leadership, partnering with Bread for the City (anchor
institution), focusing on racism and food access. They have two Undoing Racism
workshops scheduled for the spring and has identified possible urban agriculture
policies to advocate for.
• Welcome back Shannon Cosgrove to the Baltimore! Congratulations on her new
position with the Mayor’s office.
• Bernalillo is using technology to interact with more effectively with their community.
• Overall teams are actively organizing, planning and participating in conferences in
support of the PLACE MATTERS work.
New Mission and Vision
In January HPI met as a team with CHA and the Nexus group to refine
the PM Strategic Plan, specifically to:
• Reinforce the mission and vision statements
• Address the actionable items for HPI and teams
• Assess the technical assistance plan
MISSION: Build the capacity of leaders and communities to identify and
address social, economic, and environmental conditions that shape
health and life opportunities.
VISION: Every community is socially and racially just and there are
equitable opportunities for all.
New Opportunities
Improving Life Opportunities for Men and Boys of Color
President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative is an effort to build
public-private partnerships to improve opportunities for men and boys
of color. It has four key elements:
Advancing policy and program to reduce structural barriers
Promoting place-based initiatives
Changing the national narrative about boys and men of color
Improving coordination across sectors
Publication has been delayed as we work to make the
documents clearer and consistent across the four topics:
These reports will be released in the Summer of 2014
Future Meetings/Opportunities
• Action Lab 7
• National Conference
2014 American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting and Exposition
New Orleans, LA | November 15-19, 2014
Healthography: How where you live affects your health and well-being
Joint Center’s Abstracts:
• Place Matters for Health in Jefferson County, Alabama: The Status of Health
Equity 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement of 1963;
• Place Matters for Health: Using Infographics to Compel Action to Eliminate
Health Inequities;
• The Collective Impact Strategies: Using Place Matters as a foundation for a
statewide health equity movement;
• Place Matters: Transforming Lessons from the Field into Blueprints for
• Place Matters for Health: Using Infographics to Compel Action to Eliminate
Health Inequities