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Sterling Silver Jewellery
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
•A Prelude
The dazzle of jewelry is something that no woman
can avoid. The sheer pleasure of owning a piece of
exquisitely crafted jewelry that is the envy of
others can not be described in words.
Understanding the tendency of women to flaunt
their valuable jewelry, we present an enticing
mélange of fashion jewelry.
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
•About us
• “kärlek” sterling Silver Jewelry is one of the top
Jewelry manufacturers and exporters in India.
• With over 40 years of experience in gemstone &
jewelry industry, we have become one of the most
respected names in the world of quality silver and
gold jewelry.
• We are specialized in producing fine jewelry in 925
sterling silver and 10k, 14k, 18k white & yellow
gold and our pride stands on its artistry, standards
of professional excellence, outstanding quality and
high class service.
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
Since the founding of Creative, we have been committed to attaining
the highest standards in quality, design and manufacturing of
Jewellery. This ethos has kept us in good stead for over 40
years. This is to confirm our sustainable core competencies in
gemstone and Jewellery business.
We at Creative had the foresight to see the developing trend for
high-quality 925 sterling Silver Jewelry and structured the company
to meet this growing demand. Since then, Creative has been
transformed from jewelry manufacturer to major designer,
researcher, producer and exporter of fine sterling silver jewelry.
The challenges along our path have been very demanding.
However, we at Creative have met the challenge, expanding
production to meet this growing need while steadily increasing our
own demands on quality and craftsmanship.
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
Our Team
Our product development team with 10 professional designers
giving nearly 400 new designs per month groups up with our
qualified model & mould makers to provide the opportunity for
our customers and ourselves to explore new concepts and
rapidly bring out new and exciting products to the market
around the world. We pride ourselves on our original and
innovative designs, our superior manufacturing and the
outstanding customer service provided to all our customers. To
ensure our excellent service to customers and timely delivery
we have modern management systems with state of the art
ERP that had been incorporated in each process
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
All our jewelry items undergo various stages of processing before they
are packed and sent for delivery. For this purpose our production unit is
equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure which is a perfect example
of a blend of modern and traditional techniques. We use a series of tools
and equipment to churn out our stunning collection of costume jewelry.
Each batch of our imitation jewelry undergoes various processes that
For intricate carving purposes we have different chiseling tools that can
create the most delicate designs. We also have blow furnaces to crafts our
glass jewelry like bangles, pendants etc.
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
Why US?
Competitive prices
Innovative designs
Delicate craftsmanship
Quality tested
Voluminous quantity
Customized products
Efficient distributor network
On time delivery
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol
: Contact us :
Aadhar BizSol
503, Pratiksha Complex, Mahalaxmi
Cross Road, Paladi, Ahmedabad.
A sub Division of Aadhar BizSol