Early Clothes
The anicent were one of the first civilisions
to were something around them.The first
type of clothes came from dried grass or
dead animal skin
The pharoahs clothes
Royal clothing is particularly well
documented, as well as the clothing and
crowns of the Pharaohs.The pharaohs
would wear leopard skins over their
shoulders and added a lion’s tail to hang
from their belt.
Egyptian Men Clothing
From about 2130 BC
during the Old Kingdom,
garments were often used.
The men wore wrap
around skirts known as the
Shendyt. During this time,
men's skirts were short. As
the Middle Kingdom of
Egypt, 1600 B.C., came,
the skirt was worn longer.
Then, around 1420 BC,
there was a light tunic or
blouse with sleeves, as
well as a pleated petticoat.
Egyptian women clothing
During the Old, Middle and New Kingdom, Ancient
Egyptian women often wore simple sheath
dresses. The dresses were held up by one or two
straps and were worn down to the ankle and
sometimes above or below the breast. It was
made of , a very fine muslin*.
MUSLIN is a loosely-woven cotton fabric
which originated in then India
Jewelry was very popular in Ancient Egypt. It was very heavy .
The Egyptians became very skilled when making jewelry from
turquoise, metals like gold and silver, and small beads. Those
who could not afford jewelry made from gold or other stones
would make their jewelry from colored pottery beads
Footwear was the same for both
genders. It consisted of sandals of
leatherwork, or for the priestly
class, papyrus. Since Egyptians
were usually barefoot, sandals
were worn on special occasions
or at times when their feet might
get hurt