DMC Adult Jewelry Testing Manual

Testing Manual
Adult Jewelry
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 20142015 V1
Policy Statement
This Mini Manual provides the administrative procedures and proof of care documentation required for Market Direct
Adult Jewelry Product that will have a Destination Maternity Branding exhibited in the product. Destination Maternity
Corp. is committed to delivering quality merchandise to its customer. These guidelines are based on the mandate that all
Adult Jewelry merchandise purchased by DM must be compliant to California Proposition 65 and US state regulations, in
addition to ensuring compliance with Destination Maternity Corp. Customer satisfaction and acceptability. Any deviation
from DM Standards will be discussed at the time product review.
Illinois Lead poisoning prevention Act: <600ppm
Lead (Cal Prop 65):
Class 1 – Exempt
Class 2 – Electroplated Metal 60,000ppm, Un-plated Metal 15,000ppm , Dyes/Surface Coatings
(paint, enamel, epoxy) <600ppm
Class 3 – <600ppm
Cadmium (Cal Prop 65): <300ppm
Nickel: <25ppm
Nerc Toxics in Packaging: <100ppm.
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 2014-2015 V1
Testing Requirements
Action Steps:
Consolidating Testing: Samples submitted should be considered ‘program testing’ which encompasses different styles
with identical materials and components (diff color). Vendors must provide a material matrix that cross references all
identical materials and components in order to consolidate for best testing cost savings.
Sample Submission: Samples submitted for testing must be production quality samples with all decoration.
Number of samples for testing: 2 samples of each Product is required to complete testing.
Testing Turn time: 10 working days from date received at the lab
DM Jewelry Protocol Testing: DM has a full jewelry protocol for Adult Fashion and Fine Jewelry however not all tests are
applicable to all product submitted. Standard testing on most jewelry product is covered under 6. Required Testing and is
typically the norm. The Protocol in place can accommodate a wide variety of Adult Jewelry product and additional tests
may be required dependent on product and its packaging. Testing Associate will alert in case additional testing is required.
Required Testing: All DM samples submitted will be screened with XRF first for Lead and Cadmium failures – FAIL: the lab
will STOP testing and alert DMC – DMC will advise the need to do full wet chemistry to confirm failing item, PASS: full
testing will be completed:
1) HDXRF Screening: HDXRF per SOP Document 4809
2) Adult Jewelry: Cadmium in substrate ASTM F2999, Sec. 8 year 2013
3) Adult Jewelry: Lead Content Limits ASTM F2999, Sec. 5 Year 2013
4) Adult Jewelry: Nickel ASTM F2999, Sec 10 Year:2013
5) Sharp Accessible Edges: 8 & Over: 16 CFR 1500.49(d) (Modified) Citation Federal Hazardous
Substances Act – For ref only of any non-functional hazardous sharp edges are noted.
6) Sharp Accessible Points: 8 & Over:16 CFR 1500.48(d) (Modified) Citation Federal Hazardous
Substances Act – For ref only of any non-functional sharp accessible points are noted.
7) Toxics in Packaging -* Certificate of Compliance is required or Testing will be performed on packaging.
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 20142015 V1
Testing Process
Submittal: Adult Jewelry samples should be submitted to the DMC Merchant for product review with the Testing
DMC Product Review: The Testing Associate will review the jewelry with Merchant and will reach out to the vendor to
confirm sampling and component/material details and testing timeline.
Samples to the Lab: When production samples are ready the Vendor will be required to fill out DMC Lab Test Request
form and to submit production quality samples and component/material matrix to the lab for full testing as per the
timeline agreed upon.
Testing at the lab: Upon receipt of samples, the UL Client Services representative will contact the Vendor to set up
payment terms (if vendor is not already a UL client) and Testing Quote will be provided to Vendor based on DMC
Protocol and pricing. Testing will then commence – 10 working days from date received at lab.
HDXRF Screening: will be done first for Lead and Cadmium: FAIL - testing will STOP and DMC Testing Associate will be
alerted. The vendor will be contacted and corrective action will be required for the failing components. PASS – full
testing will be completed.
Test Reports: Test reports will be automatically e-mailed to DM testing Associate and Vendor. DM Testing associate will
review results within 48 hours:
FAIL – Vendor/Merchant will be alerted and Correction Action Plan for replacement components and
re-testing will be discussed or product may be subject to cancellation if replacing failing components is
not an option and testing process will be terminated.
PASS – Vendor / Merchant will be alerted and can complete purchase order details and testing process
will be completed.
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 20142015 V1
 Read the DM Adult Jewelry Testing Manual before proceeding to submit samples for
 Know your testing contact so that you can troubleshoot questions before proceeding.
 Make sure the product provided to DMC for review / testing is representative of
 Make sure Lab Test Request forms filled out are accurate and attached correctly to
samples submitted to the lab and that you have followed the sample plan or DMC – 2
samples per style to complete full testing.
 Use the DMC website as necessary for forms and to reference the testing manual.
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 2014-2015 V1
Key information
1. Log onto the Destination Maternity Corp. Website: This brings you to the
main web page. Click the following links for the manual and forms you need to complete care
2. Click on the link: Click here to view the Destination Maternity Corp. Testing Program Requirements.
3. Click on the link: DMC TESTING MANUALS
4. Click on the link: Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 2014-2015 and the Manual will open. You can access
it to read information or save to your desktop for easy reference.
5. Click on the link: DMC Lab Test Request Form: Adult Jewelry 2014-2015 and the form will open.
Save to your desktop for repeated use.
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 2014-2015 V1
Contact Information: DM
Vendors who need assistance with Adult Jewelry Testing
requirements, follow up or technical guidance please
contact the following team members below before
Mari Alessi-Kowalski: Director
[email protected]
Endia Johnson: Testing Associate
[email protected]
For all other issues or questions related to Market Direct
Adult Jewelry please contact your merchant directly:
•Phone @Destination Maternity Corp. Main
•Number: (215)-873-2200 + extension
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 20142015 V1
Contact Information: UL LAB
Destination Maternity has designated UL Lab for Jewelry
Testing. Vendors who need assistance with Testing follow
up, Technical questions or Testing Status please contact the
following team member below.
Dina Flemati
Client Services Specialist
Consumer Business Unit
----------------------------------------UL Verification Services, Inc.
1559 King Street
Enfield, CT 06082 USA
T: 860.835.2142
F: 860.745.7458
Adult Jewelry Testing Manual 20142015 V1