Lecture Presentation

Transfer Experience
Chabot College  UC Berkeley
Artos Cen
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
College of Chemistry,
University of California, Berkeley
Chemical Engineering
Branch of engineering that applies:
◦ Physics
◦ Chemistry
◦ Engineering
Someone said:
◦ A combination of mechanical engineering and
chemistry.. (by a professor)
What do we do?
A lot:
◦ Oil refinary
 i.e: minimize the energy loss in the distillation column
◦ Process engineering
 Process design
 Process control
◦ Biomedical devices
◦ Reserch
 Chemical engineering research
 Biochemical engineering research
Before Transfer
Studied at Chabot College for 2 years,
starting in 2009.
 Intended to go for chemistry or CS
 Don’t feel like a scientist or programmer
 Enjoy taking math, chemistry and
engineering classes
 Participated engineering project
 Prefer Chemical Engineering
 Very enjoy my life at Chabot College!
Transfer Process
Usually takes 3 years
But can be done in two
◦ Will miss some topics and have
to take them in Cal
◦ i.e. thermo topic in physics
Best resources:
◦ www.assist.org
◦ Mr.Mayer’s adviced transfer path
Note for ENGR 25
◦ ENGR 25 + C++ = ENGR7 at
Cal (ENGR 7=Matlab)
◦ Talked to the dean and fulfill
reqirement by ENGR 25 only.
Transfer Process cont.
Remember your application deadline
 Write your personal statement earlier
◦ Good P.S. gives you higher chance to get
◦ Good P.S. gives you chances for scholarships
◦ Have your instructors review it, especially
ones who have that technical background.
GPA is important for engineering transfer
 Activities or accomplishment
◦ Engineering Projects
Transfer Process cont.
◦ Pay 200% attention in ENGR 25!
 Very important for engineers to know matlab well
 I’ve been using for almost all of my engineering classes at
 Useful to know: plotting, simulink, ODE45,matrix
 Try understand the contents in ENGR25
 DO NOT just copy solutions and memorize solutions from
previous exams.
◦ Math and physics are the basis for Engineers
 General physics principles (Energy Bal., Mass Bal.)
 Linear algebra and D.E.
Transfer Process cont.
Why UC Berkeley?
◦ Undergrad. ChemE
program ranked 2nd
◦ More research
◦ Building up networking
◦ Opportunity to meet
rep. from big companies
Life at Cal for a ChemE
Really have to study hard otherwise you will be much behind the class.
Too much social at Cal will kill your GPA. i.e.
ChemE Transsfer at Cal
Can do concentrations:
Chemical Processing
Environmental Technology
Material Science
Applied Physical Science
Can choose joint major:
◦ ChemE and Material Science Engineering
◦ ChemE and Nuclear Engineering (isotope separation, wast
management and fusion reactor fuel processing)
(see www.assist.org for further information)
Useful link for chemE info at Cal:
ChemE Transsfer at Cal cont.
Avg Score = 34
My first midterm of my first ChemE Class at CAL (ChemE-140)
 10% of the class dropped or changed major after that semester
ChemE Transsfer at Cal cont.
Workload at Cal:
◦ 10 times Chabot’s
◦ Too much HW but not much time for it
 i.e. Separation Process, use Excel, Matlab and tons
of correlations to solve one problem, takes 5 hours,
my maximum sleep time.
◦ Exam is time sensitive
 Usually have to finish a 90 min exam in 50 min.
◦ Projects or researches require extra time
Course PACE is VERY Fast
Chabot vs UCBerkeley Course-Pace
The Pace at CAL
is about 100%
Faster than at
Relative Course Speed (mph)
ChemE Transsfer at Cal cont.
Tips on how to survive at Cal:
◦ Time Management---Plan your schedule
◦ Discussion group for homeworks
 Do the questions by yourself first
 Check with others later
 Otherwise will not understand the problem, at least
for me.
◦ Do more practice problems
◦ Talk to T.A. or professors
ChemE Transsfer at Cal cont.
Tips cont. :
◦ Don’t take too many units
 depending on the difficulty of your major classes.
◦ Most important:
 If you think you do right on your work, insist on
your own conclusion, even your answer might be
wrong compare to the solution manual!
  build up your confidence.
  build up your professional judgement skill on engineering
ChemE Transsfer at Cal cont.
Tips cont.:
◦ Do good in your 1st semester!
 Get high GPA in your 1st smester
 Will be able to apply for many internships or
research positions in the summer
 Companies usually recruit in the spring
 Exception: Chevron and dow recruit in the fall
 Open up a gate to many opportunities
 Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
Take the Opportunities!
There are many research opportunities
◦ Talk to the professor who teach you or whose
group is doing the research topic that you are
interested in.
 “My group is full, sorry”, usually they will say.
 Keep asking for a position
My research
◦ A EE research focus on simulation of a
microfluidic process in gravure printing technique
(technique used in printing electronic devices)
Take the Opportunities! cont.
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor
Society (top 8% by GPA)
B. Mayer is also a Member
of Tau Beta Pi 𝝉𝜷𝝅
◦ The oldest national engineering honor
society in the country, and one of the
most nationally recognized societies.
Internship opportunity
Industrial connection
◦ Select by invitation based on GPA
 Again, for transfer students, do good in your
1st semester!
 For more information:
Good Luck!
Thank you for your time!