Lecture Presentation

Sept. 5, 2013
Cesar Urbano*
Joel Christenson*
*B.S. Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley, Expected 2014
1. Why community college first?
2. Why choose ChemE?
3. What were the classes we took to prepare for transfer
and for our major?
What were the programs we joined to prepare for
Admission application.
Why choose UC Berkeley?
Difference between UC Berkeley and Chabot.
Techniques/Tips on how to do good in Cal.
Why Community College? – For Joel
 Low High School GPA (2.9).
 Wanted a chance to get into Cal.
 Wasn’t sure which engineering
discipline I wanted to get into.
Why Community College? – For Cesar
 Unsure which field to go to.
 Was initially majoring in
 Save money.
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Why ChemE?
 Enjoyed chemistry classes at
chabot (1A, 1B, 12A, 12B) +
math and physics.
 Combination of all three disciplines (plus some
 Make sure engineering is for YOU before deciding!!!
Why ChemE? cont..
 I like problem solving.
 I enjoyed my engineering
design class (Engr 11).
 I look for the practical
application of science
Why ChemE? cont..
 Chemical Engineers are highly employable.
 Chemical engineers work in manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals, healthcare, design and construction,
pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing,
specialty chemicals, polymers, biotechnology, and
environmental health and safety industries, among
Important Classes at Chabot
 Engr 25/CSCI 14
 Many classes/research projects/internships require the
use of Matlab.
 Computer programming skills in VERY high demand
 Math 1,2,3,4,6
 Calculus is the most commonly used math in upper level
engineering classes.
 Understanding vs. Memorizing Patterns
Important Classes at Chabot Cont..
 Physics 4a,4b,4c
 Develop problem solving skills
 Learn how to APPLY calculus to problems (4b).
Helpful Programs for Transfer
 Transfer Alliance Project (TAP), Berkeley, CA
 prepares underserved CA community college students to
be competitive transfer applicants to UC Berkeley
 assistance with transfer applications, personal
statements, financial aid forms, and scholarships.
 Offer full-time summer research with UC Berkeley
professors and taking Berkeley summer classes
Helpful Programs for Transfer cont..
 TAP Info
 Website: http://cep.berkeley.edu/tap
 Drop by at Chabot student center and meet Christina
Tinsley, TAP Coordinator for Chabot.
 Talk to your counselor and meet people in the Student
Ask questions regarding your major
Ask for any available opportunities
 Be part of TAP if you can!!
E3S Transfer-to-Excellence Program
 TTE participants experience life at UC Berkeley by
either participating:
 research (TTE REU)
 enrolling in a credited course (TTE X-Enroll)
 Website: http://www.e3s-center.org/education/edu-
Admission Essay
 2 Parts
 Why is the major for you?
 An experience that has affected you.
 Persuade the reader that you are a very hard worker
and that you are determined to be an engineer.
Extracurricular Activities
 Join existing clubs and/or form a new club while at
 Volunteer.
 Work/part-time job also counts!
 Be active and demonstrate a good balance between
academics and non-academics(leadership experience,
extracurricular activities)
Cesar’s Sample Extracurricular Activities
Cesar’s Sample Extracurricular Activities
Why Berkeley?
 Top ranked engineering programs (top 3 in the world)
 Not necessarily best place to learn
 Many opportunities for research and internships.
 Employers know that it can be more challenging than
other schools.
Chabot vs. Berkeley
 HW Difficulty: Berkeley. No solution manual. No
answers in the back of the book.
 Exam Difficulty: Berkeley. 50 minutes for 2-3 hour
exam. 40% averages. Miserable 3 hour finals, feelings
of hopelessness.
 Workload: Berkeley. 21 units at chabot + sports == 14
units at berkeley.
Tips on how to do good in Cal
 Start doing your HW one week before the due date.
 Always ask the Graduate Student Instructors (GSI)
 Always try to do your HW first by yourself. – No
Solution Manual available
 Write down all the important formulas/concepts in a
single 8” x 11” sheet
Tips on how to do good in Cal cont…
 Do not underestimate your classes.
 Attend the lectures.
 Read the book if lectures aren’t clear.
 Practice solving many problems and recognize the
 Join research groups and start building connections.
 Keep yourself busy!
Joel’s Research
 Lipid membrane mechanics (combination of fluid and
solid mechancics)
-Use computers to solve equations and get simulations
Cesar’s Research Experience
 Improve the recovery of Silver from Silver King mine using
a less toxic solution under the supervision of Prof.
Gretchen Lapidus-Lavine
 Results will be presented by Prof. Lapidus in 2014
Hydrometallurgical Symposium in Canada
 Currently creating a program (utilizing Python) for DNA
sequence analysis at Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) under
Dr. Gregory Linshiz.
 Requires knowledge in MATLAB and C++ (both taken from
Chabot College).
Cesar’s Research cont..
 Electrodeposition of Neodymium (Nd) for Seimens
 Knowledge of General Chemistry(taken in Chabot) is
 Will help in the
development of the
Platform (lab in a chip)
In Sum
 Study well and keep a good GPA while at Chabot
 Be active. i.e. have a good balance between academics
and non-academics (leadership experience,
volunteering, part-time job)
Join different programs such TAP, E3S and others
Start your application early (as early as summer)
Remember the tips (discussed) when you transfer to
any university
Join research groups and build connections
If you have further questions
Feel free to send us an email:
 Cesar’s email: cesar.urbano.jr@gmail.com
 Joel’s email: joelchristenson@gmail.com