Your Motor Fuel Excise Tax Solution
Are you tired of Motor Fuel Excise Tax
Compliance software that expects
your business to conform to it, rather
than it conforming to your business?
At IGenFuels we understand that your business is unique.
So why shouldn’t your
Compliance software be
Core Philosophy
We believe that to the greatest extent possible, Excise Tax Compliance
software should conform to your business,
not require your business
to conform to the
Key Principles
That’s why we developed IGenFuels with these 3 key principles in mind.
It must be:
• Flexible
• Configurable
• Extensible
Built using our one-of-a-kind widget technology,
IGenFuels can adapt to your business today, tomorrow
and in the years to come.
We realize that your business is unique. You are constantly evolving to stay
competitive; and just like no two companies are the
same, neither is their data required to support Excise
Tax Compliance and Reporting.
Because of this, we’ve designed our software to adapt
to the many diverse datasets and business practices
throughout the industry.
With IGenFuels, you can configure the software to
match your current business processes for gathering,
preparing and reviewing tax filing data.
You can build and maintain your workflows,
processes, and even user forms & schedules
with our user friendly graphical user
interfaces (GUI’s).
If you find yourself faced with a new challenge that is outside the
current capabilities of the system,
no problem, you have the option to add the
necessary functionality on your own.
Yes even your own forms and schedules!
At IGenFuels, we understand that report generation and electronic
filing are just one piece of the puzzle related to Motor Fuel Excise Tax
Compliance and Reporting.
Pieces of the Puzzle
Motor Fuel Excise Tax filing is a puzzle that consists of many pieces.
You Decide
/ e-Filing
Data Acquisition
Getting the needed data can be a challenge.
With our data acquisition widgets you can:
• Pull data from multiple data sources
• Accounts Receivable systems
• Accounts Payable systems
• Terminal Automation Systems
• General Accounts Ledger
• In various formats
• Database • Text files
• CSV files • Excel
• …
• From different platforms
• Consolidate it all into a single, central repository of tax compliance &reporting information
• Single source for cleaned and validated data
• Can be used for jurisdictional compliance reporting
• Also other internal business process reporting
Data Preparation
Acquiring the data is only the first piece of the
puzzle. All the data in the world will not help
if it is not complete, correct and in the proper
That’s why we provide data preparation widgets to standardize, clean, supplement,
and validate your data.
• Standardize master data w/ our
Master Data Management Module
• Data cleansing
• Fill data gaps
• Validate against master lists of licenses, TCNs, etc.
• Eliminate duplicate & non-reportable transactions such as credit n rebills
• Generate transactions for missing fuel movements
Data Analytics
You need to be confident in your data prior to
generating your excise tax reports. The risks are
too great. That’s why we provide you robust
tools that will allow you to:
• Validate data to be reported
• Built-In
• Custom
• Cross-match data from various lines-of-business
• Reconcile to your General Ledger
• Custom Reports
• Ad-Hoc reporting tools
• Reports and trend analysis of data issues to drive process improvement.
Reporting / e-Filing
IGenFuels will contain most of the common
forms and schedules required by clients to file
Motor Fuel Excise Taxes
• If the system does not have a needed form, you have the ability to add it yourself
• Access the IGenStore where the user community can share the forms, schedules &
analytics they have created
• Ability to generate required electronic files in various formats
• Data can be fed back to source systems, ERP and Data Warehousing systems
You Decide
What else do you do as part of you tax
preparation process, or better yet, what else
would you like to do?
With IGenFuels you decide. Using our unique Widget, Workflow and Process building
blocks, you determine what you want the software to do.
Widgets, Workflows & Automated Processes
• Widgets are the building blocks.
• There are widgets to:
• Import data
• Validate data
• Cleanse data
• Manipulate Data
• Report data
• Send emails
• …
• Automated Processes allow multiple steps / widgets
to be grouped together, linked and then run,
thereby automating those steps.
Can be run individually, called from within other processes.
Widgets, Workflows & Automated Processes (cont.)
• Workflow Processes allow for the linking of multiple steps and / or processes into a
meaningful flow.
• Controls processing order
• Aid in documenting processes
• Provides an indicators of:
• Progress through overall flow
• Status of each steps
• Workflow processes can have 3 types:
• Workflow Template – Cannot be used directly.
They are templates from which an instance or copy
will be created to do the actual work.
• Workflow Instance – Created by the system from a template. They are copies of a
template which the user will interact with, rather than the template directly.
• Standard Workflow - Standard workflows are interacted with directly.
Sample Monthly Motor Fuels Filing Process
Term Data
Clean, Prep
& Validate
Term Data
Process Aaron’s Return Data
Review / Correct
Validation Errors
Acquire PL
Clean, Prep
& Validate
PL Data
Acquire GL
Prep GL
Process Sally’s Return Data
Review / Correct
Validation Errors
to GL
Process MFT Return Data
FM Data
Clean, Prep
& Validate
FM Data
Review / Correct
Validation Errors
Archive &
Recommended Data Flow
Using our recommended data flow, you will realize
efficiencies by minimizing the number of times you
touch each transaction.
Tax; Company; &
Jurisdiction Specific
Selection Process
Schedule Selection Process
Working Copy
of Source Data
Data Cleansing; Data Validation;
Data Prep; Transaction Creation,
Omission & Summary
Original Copy
of Source Data
Fuel Marketing
Jurisdiction Specific
Working Storage
Original SOR Data {OSOR} - Maintains source format & values as acquired. Used for reference.
Fuel Marketing
Tax Specific /
Non-Jurisdiction Specific
Data Cleansing; Data Validation;
Matching Verification; Transaction
Creation & Omission
Working Storage of SOR Data {WSOR} - Copy of SOR data which is modified as needed. This is
where all of the global, non-application specific processing is done. Those things which can be
done once and apply to every subsequent application of the data.
Application Specific Working Storage {WSAF} – A working storage area specifically designed for
a given application of the data. A subset of the WSOR data can be copied here where processing
specific to a particular application can be applied.
System Architecture
Current System Architecture:
Windows based
Platform: .NET framework 4.0
Language: .NET (C#/VB.Net), Javascript, PHP5, HTML5
SQLServer 2008 or better, SQLLite, FireBird
Application: Thick Client, Browser engine for forms
review. Thin Client proposed for finished product.
Contact Dan Zeise dan.zeise@igenfuels.com for demo of what IGenFuels can do for you.
We believe that to the greatest extent possible, software should conform to the customer’s
business, not require their business to conform to the software.
You, the customer, are why we are in business.
Our #1 job is to make you happy.