Green Heat Corp

Heat to Energy Recycler System (HERS)
… an innovative and environmentally friendly
way to reduce heating costs within the food service industry
Presenter: Tom Marshello, President & Co-Founder
Our CEO & Co-Founder, Mike Horvath, invented our system out
of necessity.
Green Heat Corporation’s patent pending technology, the Heat to
Energy Recycler System (HERS), captures kitchen equipment
exhaust heat before it is wasted and vented out of the hood,
transfers that heat to water and then stores it in a proprietary
storage tank for other uses such as:
 Heating an establishment in cold weather environments
(works with forced air, slab, baseboard, and boiler heat)
 Heating an establishment’s domestic water
 Creating Steam Generated Electricity
The 3rd generation Heat to Energy Recycler System (HERS)
generated at least 168,000 BTU per hour of heat from a free
heat source – normally wasted kitchen exhaust heat.
This 3rd generation test unit, consisting of a 48" griddle with
internal/backsplash heat extractors, heated 80 lbs of water
(10 gallons) by 35 degrees per minute.
80 lbs x 35 degrees x 60 minutes = 168,000 BTU per hour.
In October 2012, Green Heat Corporation was awarded a
cash/in-kind grant of approximately $60,000 from the Natural
Resources Research Institute (NRRI) of the University of
Minnesota – Duluth.
NRRI has verified the system metrics listed in the prior slide in
their first round testing of our 3rd generation unit.
Independent verification of system performance is currently in
process on a new 5th generation test unit at the NRRI.
A restaurant in Northern Minnesota has been selected for
product installation to monitor real-time system performance
and gather data once NRRI testing is complete.
 In
the US alone, there are:
-550,000 Commercial Food Service Establishments
-207,000 Schools and Colleges with cafeterias
-75,000 Hotels with restaurants
-5,700 Hospitals with cafeterias
-2,000 Prisons
 Worldwide
there are:
-500,000 Department of Defense (DoD) facilities of which at
least half have one or more kitchens (some with 5-10)
-8 to10 Million Commercial Food Service Establishments
The market for our technology is enormous!
If half of the 1,339,700 food service establishments in the US
and DoD facilities in the world were to cut their fuel consumption
by 3,500 gallons annually using HERS (as we have done with our
technology in our founder’s restaurant):
-23.21Million tons of carbon would be effectively removed
from our atmosphere annually.
-This is the equivalent of removing over 3 Million cars from
our roads!
At a price of $2.88 per gallon of fuel this represents for the
-A savings of over $10,000 per year.
-A payback period of approximately 2 years.
The value proposition to the restaurant owner is both a reduction in
the amount of fuel costs incurred and a reduction in the amount of
carbon emitted on a yearly basis. The table below shows a real life
* Our founder’s restaurant used 1,800 gallons of propane per year to cook and heat water
and about 7,000 gallons to heat the building. After installing HERS, only 3,500 gallons of
propane was used to heat the building!
Heat to Energy Recycler System (HERS):
-Works with any commercial kitchen equipment – griddles, fryers, ovens, etc. and
all appliances can be linked together creating more savings.
-Has been tested in three manufacturers griddles- Wolf, Vulcan and US Range
-3rd generation system has proven to generate at least 168,000 British Thermal
Units (BTU) with a 48 inch griddle with internal/backsplash heat extractors.
Products in development:
-Pre-Vent Hood Cooler - This product filters grease and cools the exhaust air
reducing the vegetable oil waste particles emitted into the atmosphere from
kitchen equipment.
-Steam Engine Electric Generator - This product uses steam created from Green
Heat Corporation heat extractors to power a steam generator that provides
electricity for an establishment or sends it back to the grid.
Green Heat Corporation
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