Danville Community College
Danville, VA.
Work Force Development Initiative
To Increase The Pipeline Of Skilled Workers
Machinist – Welders – Industrial Maintenance Technicians
* Double the size of the present Precision Machining
Technology program.
* Increase the pipeline of students starting at K-12
* Capacity to enroll 100 full-time students.
* Provide state-of-the-art lab space and equipment for
Precision Machining students and Work Force Services.
* Create an Economic Development showcase for DCC’s
programs and services.
* Babcock and Wilcox
* C & L Machine and Welding
* Commonwealth Machine Company
* Piedmont Precision
* Jarrett Welding
* Master Gage and Tool
* Oval Engineering
* Rolls-Royce
* Danville City Council
* Danville City School Board
* Halifax Board of Supervisors
* Halifax County School Board
* Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors
* Pittsylvania County School Board
* State and Local Legislators
Bo’s Hydraulics
Comfort Systems America (formerly Climate Control)
Halifax Machining & Welding
Lewis Metalwork's
Oval Engineering
Combustion Technologies
Jarrett Welding
Master Gage & Tool
Piedmont Precision Machine Company
Babcock & Wilcox
C & L Machine & Welding
Machine Specialties, Inc.
Rolls - Royce
*Danville City Schools
*Halifax County School System
*Pittsylvania County School System
*Pittsylvania Career And Technical Center
Pittsylvania Career & Technical Center
Precision Machining Program of Studies
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
World History I or II
US History
US Government
Economics and Personal Finance
Computer Information Systems (4)
Environmental Science, Astronomy,
or Chemistry
MAC221 Advanced Machine Tool
Operations (7)
Earth Science
Geometry, Algebra II, or Algebra
Functions & Data Analysis
Algebra I or Geometry
PE 10
Algebra Functions & Data Analysis, Adv.
Algebra /Trigonometry, or Pre-Calculus
PE 9
MAC101 Machine Shop I (8)
Materials & Processes
SAF130 Industrial Safety (1)
MAC121 (2) & MAC128 (2)
Technical Drawing & Design (3)
MAC102 Machine Shop II (7)
MTH104 (3) & SDV101 (1)
Engineering, Drawing, & Design (4)
MTH103 Basic Technical Math I (3)
MAC127 Advanced CNC Programming (3)
Precision Machining I - PCTC
MAC101 Machine Shop I (8)
SAF130 Industrial Safety (1)
MAC102 Machine Shop II (7)
MTH103 Basic Technical Math I (3)
Precision Machining II - PCTC
MAC221 Advanced Machine Tool Operations (7)
MAC121 Numerical Control (2)
MTH104 Basic Technical Math II (3)
MAC127 Advanced CNC Programming (3)
MAC128 CNC Programming (2)
SDV101 Orientation to College (1)
* Prerequisite Courses for Precision Machining Program.
* A student who enrolls in Precision Machining I and Precision Machining II will be given a rigorous course syllabus that will include
the requirements necessary to meet state CTE competencies as well as DCC course requirements.
* If a student completes and passes all of the program requirements, he/she would graduate high school with the following:
- Standard Diploma
- 30 High School Credits
- DCC Advanced Manufacturing Career Studies Certificate
- 48 Dual Enrollment Credits
* Students/Parents would save an estimated $6,000.00 by completing this Program of Studies while in high school.
* Students could enroll in the Precision Machining Technology Program at DCC in June and graduate in May ready for industry, just one year after graduation.
CAD 120
Introduction to Graphic Representation
DRF 160
Machine Blueprint Reading
ENG 131
Technical Report Writing
ETR 141
Electronics I
MAC 101
Machine Shop I
MAC 121
Numerical Control I
MAC 150
Introduction to Computer-Aided Manufacturing
MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics
or MTH 115 Technical Mathematics
* SAF 195
Shop Safety
* SDV 100
College Success Skills
* WEL 120
Fundamentals of Welding
*High School Diploma
*Advanced Manufacturing Certificate
*NIMS Skills Level I Certificate
*Danville Community College Diploma
*NIMS Skills Level II Certificate
*Career Readiness Certificate
NIMS - National Institute for Metalworking Skill
* Haas Automation
* Mitsubishi
* Mitutoyo
* Sandvik Coromant
* Zoller
* Local Foundation
* Danville Community College President
* Governor’s Budget
* In 2011 There Was Approximately 60 Students
In The Pipeline
* Currently There Are Over 120 Students In The
Pipeline With Additional Students On The
Waiting List.
* Two Additional Instructors Have Been Hired And
One Additional Lab Technician.
* Workforce Development Requires More Than An Annual Trip
To Your Local College
* Partnerships Are Critical To Educational And Economic
Academic Institutions – Industry Leaders – Technology Companies –
Economic Development – State And Local Government
* Curriculum Development Must Be Industry Driven
* College and High School Dual Enrollment Programs Must
Have The Tools Necessary To Deliver Relevant Instruction