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ILM 360's Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) leverages 60+
years of experience implementing Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
solutions.Our scalable RDBMS strategies harness the power of enterprise and
e-commerce applications.
• RDBMS Solutions
• Big Data Solutions
• Cross Vendor Database Integration
• Business Intelligence
• Consulting
RDBMS Solutions
In today’s demanding IT environment, it is critical to manage data so that
workflows are efficient, exceed customer expectations, and SLA criteria are
ILM 360’s Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) leverages 60+
years of experience implementing Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
solutions. Our scalable RDBMS strategies harness the power of enterprise and
e-commerce applications, resulting in optimized database solutions ranging
from 10GB to 100+ TB. When you need to accommodate thousands of users,
deliver ultra-fast response times, and handle high traffic loads, we can develop
the database you need.
RDBMS Services
Design, architecture, and roadmaps
Hardware design, architecture, and implementation
Install and configuration of Oracle/MYSQL/SQL
Server Database performance tuning expert Diagnostics including
hardware, software, and applications
Zero-downtime upgrades
Platform/inline migration
Critical patches (security compliance)
Proactive monitoring solutions (Managed DBA services)
Partitioning and lifecycle management of data
Replication and synchronization services
High availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions
Supported Platforms
• HP-UX (PA-RISC) 64- and 32-bit
• Linux on POWERPC
• HP-UX Itanium2
• IBM AIX Power PC 64-bit
• Linux Intel 64-bit
• Red Hat Linux
• Sun Solaris (SPARC) 64- and 32-bit
• Partitioning and lifecycle management of data
• SCO UnixWare
• Windows
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you become more efficient and profitable.
Experience | Flexibility | Customer Service
ILM 360 delivers cost-effective, seamless solutions that help clients
get the most out of their database systems and IT infrastructure.
Big Data Solutions
When you’re moving from gigabytes to petabytes, from stable data models
to flat schemas, from centralized to distributed systems, ILM 360 delivers
the big data solutions you need to manage growth and profitability.
We help you:
Handle high velocity data
Maintain performance with large data volumes
Control complex distribution and implementations (cloud, on-premise,
multiple locations)
Additionally, we deliver big data solutions through efficient and intelligent
strategies to help you save costs and avoid operational disturbances. As a
result, you can focus on growing your business instead of becoming
overwhelmed by your data.
Big Data Services
POC to production, design, architecture, and roadmap
Cluster deployments
Performance tuning
ETL and RDBMS integration with Big Data databases
Supported Platforms
• HP Vertica
• SAP Hana
• Hadoop
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Knowledge & Experience
ILM 360 leverages over four decades of IT experience to develop the best data
and business intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients.
Cross Vendor Database Integration
In the effort to grow and give customers the best products and services
possible, many enterprises unfortunately end up with a complex jumble of
custom-built, third-party, and legacy applications and systems. This often
results in unmanageable IT environments with multiple tiers of various
operating system platforms.
ILM 360’s cross vendor database integration can solve these crucial
enterprise-level dilemmas. We provide a wide range of integration strategies
using Quest Shareplex and Oracle GoldenGate.
Our integration solutions address multiple data replication topologies including
one-to-many, many-to-many, cascading, and bidirectional, using low-overhead
architecture to capture transactions from a source database and support highvolume and rapidly changing environments.
Our extensive range of use cases features real-time business intelligence, query
offloading, zero-downtime upgrades and migrations, disaster recovery and
active/active configurations for data distribution, data synchronization, and
high availability.
A range of solutions, however, is not effective unless you have an
accomplished team to develop and implement them. ILM 360’s team features
some of the industry’s leading experts and executives with decades of
Our team highlights include:
One of first implementers and early adopters of Shareplex and
GoldenGate, starting in 2004.
First ones to architect and implement migration of replication solutions
(with 15 different databases to an Operational Data Store (ODS), from
Shareplex to GoldenGate, with a volume of 120 million transactions per
Implemented Real Time Analytics solutions to detect price gouging in
the wholesale electricity trading market using Goldengate.
Implemented Active/Active, Active/Passive replication solutions across
multiple geographies for SQLServer, Oracle, and HP Tandem.
Cotnact us today and discover how our cross vendor database integration can
make your IT environment smoother and more efficient.
Dedicated to Client Satisfaction
We are steadfastly dedicated to helping clients optimize their IT strategies. As
a result, we build long-term relationships and customer loyalty—the hallmarks
of truly beneficial partnerships.
Business Intelligence
In today’s uber-fast and constantly evolving economy, enterprises need IT
solutions that discover, gather, store, retrieve, and analyze data—all to help
them make better decisions. With ILM 360’s Business Intelligence
offerings, organizations get the software strategies they need to succeed.
Our BI solutions start with a detailed analysis of your specific enterprise
and IT infrastructure elements. Because one size definitely does not fit all,
we develop customized BI programs that are ideal for your specific
markets, competitive landscapes, and customer dynamics. We then harness
the best available BI applications and implement them seamlessly with
your existing infrastructure.
Our BI expertise includes the
following tools:
• SAP Business Objects
• IBM Cognos
• MicroStrategy
• QlikView
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Business Intelligence Solutions
To learn more about our Business Intelligence solutions and how we make
your data work for you, Contact us today.
From Custom to Turnkey
We develop highly tailored IT solutions for large enterprises with complex
systems. We also create seamless turnkey solution for smaller organizations
that need to optimize their IT infrastructure.
In today’s dynamic technology landscape, countless vendors claim to
provide robust consulting services and solutions. What makes ILM 360 rise
above the competition and be a leader in this market? Three factors:
Unrivaled expertise;
Superior customer service;
Cost effectiveness.
Unrivaled Expertise
With over four decades of industry experience, the leadership at ILM 360
has the perspective and in-depth knowledge to address and anticipate a wide
range of issues.
Superior Customer Service
We create tailored solutions that consider your specific market, competitive,
and organizational dynamics. As a result, you get creative IT strategies that
prevent problems and grow along with your business.
Cost Effectiveness
We are nimble and efficient, which enables us to deliver solutions that cost
less than our competitors. But, we never sacrifice the quality or integrity of
our IT strategies. Our experience and commitment to client satisfaction
makes this rare combination of excellence and affordability possible.
Cost Effectiveness
• We offer a wide range of consulting services, including:
• Service Oriented Architecture Solutions
• ERP Systems and CRM Solutions Implementation and Upgrades
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Open ERP
• PeopleSoft
• Business Intelligence
• Data Warehousing
• Architecture Services
• Outsourcing and Business
• Consulting Web Solutions
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IT environment
Excellence & Affordability
We deliver solutions that cost less, but we never sacrifice quality or integrity.
Our experience and commitment to client satisfaction makes this rare
combination possible.