Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles



Student needs to understand the value and process of storyboarding a video project before shooting video or trying to edit.

 Student will come in with project outline  Student will define major steps/scenes  Student will create a visual project layout  Student will review storyboard with peers and ATC staff and revise accordingly

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Guessing 101

Multiple Intelligences

_1_Linguistic intelligence (words) _6_Logical-mathematical intelligence (numbers, logic) _3_Spatial (pictures, charts) _8_Musical intelligence (music, song) _2_Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (physical activity) _5_Interpersonal intelligence (socially) _7_Intrapersonal intelligence (self-reflection, philosophy) _4_Naturalist intelligence (nature)

Test Results

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   _2_Visual (learn through seeing) _3_Auditory (learn through listening) _1_Tactile / Kinesthetic (learn through touching / doing)

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Multiple Intelligences & Storyboarding

   Linguistic – Using narration as a point of entry – Encourage students to tell/write the story they are wanting to portray and use a group to identify key words and concepts Spatial & Body/Kinesthetic - using aesthetics as a point of entry – Have students use do a physical layout of the storyboard which can be manipulated endlessly Interpersonal colleagues.

– using a social approach – use groups as sounding boards: audience, critics,